Scooter: best wet weather activity in Yangshuo

When we first considered activities we never thought that a scooter in Yangshuo would make it on the list.  The way in which the Chinese drive makes me nervous at the best of times! 

But we found that most people, tourists and locals, rode a scooter in Yangshuo.  So on a wet day the opportunity arose and we thought, why not!  

How to hire a Scooter

We got up one morning and the weather was pretty wet. We were planning to cycle again and explore a different area but we got drenched in a thunderstorm only the day before! Hmmm.

Our hostel owner said to us. “Why not take a scooter – with an umbrella?”  Now, we’d seen the umbrellas, but assumed it was just something the locals had, not for a hire bike.

We’d discounted it because of the cost, but these were a very reasonable price!  You will find scooter hire places along the main roads leading off West Street.

How much do scooters cost?

I had read beforehand that scooters cost RMB 100 each. However, the hostel owner offered them for only RMB 50 each. Even better!

We’d discounted it because of the cost, but these were a very reasonable price!  You will find scooter hire places along the main roads leading off West Street as an alternative.


What do you get?

It’s an electric scooter so just twist and ride.

Now, I haven’t ridden one before so the throttle took a little getting used to. 

There is no insurance cover and you don’t get a helmet so I was conscious of not going too fast! Chinese drivers are a bit mad. But having been here for 6 weeks, I knew that the horn would be my friend!!

You get a charger as well in case you are planning a longer trip!

You don’t even need to show a driving license or insurance which is surprising for China. I guess it’s just assumed you are old enough and able to ride?!


How easy is it to ride?

Actually quite easy! Literally you just turn up and point to the scooter you want and go! O.k. I should add you only need to turn only a little, unlike my first attempt where I nearly took off!!

Once I got the hang of it, it was ace! We were straight into the busy traffic so it was a steep learning curve. But once out of the first crossroads in Yangshuo the road quietened. Plus our little umbrellas were doing a great job of keeping the rain off!

The horn is used to let people know you are coming or to tell them to get out of the way. I used mine alot 😂


How far can you go?

I’d read that if you are on the flat roads they go for quite a while. However, if you stay climbing hills you might need a stop to charge.

We travelled along 10 mile gallery, stopped at the water caves, then headed towards Zhou Shang village where we took a left toward LiuGong and followed the river back to Yangshuo.

We even let the boys have a go. They say in front and took control will we held they shoulders or the handlebars. They loved it!!!

It was a brilliant day out and took us to some new places and spectacular views! Highly recommended!  

Make sure you hire your scooter from En attendant Godot hostel for a good price!!

Happy Scootering


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