Family Road Trip with bikes

We have embarked on a few road trips which have taken us on many Centre Parcs trips and as far as St Jean de Monts, France.  So I thought it may be useful for those of you looking to do the same as to what we take.

Firstly, my husband is a keen cyclist and we enjoy our family bike rides, so we have invested in a quality bike rack for the car.  Many people have the bike racks which sit on top of the car but this didn’t suit our needs as we also have the roof box (which I would class as ‘essential’ with 2 children) and the size of vehicle we have.  DSC03875

This one is called an Atera Strada Evo and carries 3 to 4 bikes and easily accommodates 4 adult bikes – as tested by Keith on a cycling trip with his friends.  Many people have commented on the way it slides away from the vehicle so that you have full access to the boot.  Don’t you just hate when you have all the bikes on and then you need something from the boot!

As mentioned above we also have a roof box (Mont Blanc Vista 320) which offers space to carry at least 2 medium suitcases & 2 daypacks.   This means we don’t have to pack bags into the back so that the kids feel cramped! France 2013 088

Enjoy your adventure…..


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