Hike up TV Hill in Yangshuo

The hike up TV Hill was recommended to us by our hostel owner. It’s only a short 35 minute walk, but it’s all up hill and you need a good level of fitness. We attempted it during the afternoon and got very sweaty.

I have heard that it’s a good spot for sunset but be careful on the way down as the steps can be slippy.

Also, make sure you have plenty of water and some snacks to keep energy levels up & distract tired little legs!  But its worth it for the views!


How to get to the start

Hidden behind the houses this is a tricky one to find with no direct signs.  Start by walking to the top of West Street. Then turn right into you reach the second bridge. There you will find a post office.

Turn up the alley way at the side. You need to zig zag your way towards the back of the houses. Once you reach here, turn left and then left again. Walk a few metres then you have reached your destination.

It’s all uphill from here.

As you wander up the views can be seen through the gaps in the trees.  

After a while you reach a sign which says no forget to! Yep, we ignored that and carried on. It’s not as if there was a gate! Then we reached a another gateway, but no door, with the same sign – so we carried on! Ha ha

Before long we were at the top of the hill, next to the TV tower. There was a local man there. In fact, it looked like his house 🤷.

We met a Spanish man up there and took a few photos. The views over Yangshuo were lovely and it really showed the development. Every piece of land is taken in the town area! We took photos as then headed down, satisfied with our exploring afternoon!

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