How much will vaccinations cost for a Worldwide Trip?

So exactly how much will it cost us to vaccinate a family of four?…  In short, more expensive than you think!

With less than 1 year left until our World Travel, I have turned my attention to medication. There is a long list of countries that we would like to go to, but with that comes a long list of vaccinations that we need.  The longevity of vaccinations varies so make sure you check with your local medical centre on where you are currently up to.  I know that some vaccinations come with a booster which allows them to last 10 years+. Therefore, we need to get moving if we are get the boys immunised before our travels. I had a few questions to answer:

1) What vaccinations are needed for World Travel?

2) How much will they cost?

3) How long will they last?

Where do I start?

First I made an appointment with my local health clinic and spoke to the Nurse. She advised me to make a list of all the countries I planned to travel to. She recommended I review – travel health and check the medical requirements for each of the countries we plan to visit.  This took a lot longer than anticipated as we needed to be more specific with the locations we were travelling to… but we are still deciding some of that.  However, after speaking to the nurse she seemed to be happy that those listed below cover majority of the areas we are planning to travel to.


Where are we planning to travel to? In a nutshell, we have pencilled out the following areas:

Europe (mainly Eastern), Kenya, Tanzania (possibly Botswana), India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, South America.


The expected costs are as follows (current @ 2017):

• Malarone – Total expected cost £240 for Africa.

As for injections we will require the following:

Typhoid – only lasts 3 years – £30 per injection (£120)
• Hepatitis A – lasts for life if you get a booster (2 injections in total) – £40 per vaccination (£160)
• Rabies – lasts for life. Requires 3 injections 0, 7 & 21 days – £110 per person. (£440)

We are travelling to Africa & South America, so will also require:

• Yellow Fever – lasts for life – £70 per person (£140). Although this could reduce to £100 as Boots Travel Clinic offer this service and I believe the cost is only £50 per vaccine.

So far the calculated costs are likely to be a whopping £1,100 (that’s with Keith and I having current vaccinations!) already covered for Tetanus, Diptheria, Polio, Hep A & Yellow Fever, so this helped keep costs lower. The boys have also had their childhood vaccinations and won’t require their next routine vaccine (which is the 3-in-1) until they are 14 (which covers Tetanus, diphtheria & polio).


We had a lengthy discussion about Malaria and the nurse recommended Malarone (previously I had taken Larium and unfortunately developed mild Tinnitus – I think I got off lightly compared to other side effects). It sounds a little friendlier and it also has a paediatric tablet for the children.

The advice reads: Tablets are taken once per day. Treatment starts at short notice (2 days before trip) and stops 1 week after the trip (compared to 4 weeks for other anti-malarials). Malarone is notable for having far fewer side effects than other, older malaria drugs.

She also suggested another website, which has maps detailing the malaria risk areas. A current quote shows the tablets costing approx. £70 for 3 weeks for 1 person, but slightly cheaper for the children as a paediatric tablet based on weight (approx. £50 for 3 weeks).

Tick Borne Encephalitis

We are currently in discussion regarding TicoVac – lasts for life. Requires 3 injections 0, 2 months & 6 months – costs £255 per person.  This is a vaccination for tick-borne encephalitis.  I hadn’t appreciated this was something we needed to be aware of in Europe but it appears to be quite a problem in lower Germany and Eastern Europe.  You can mitigate the risks by the clothes you wear, repellents and sticking to packs.  The issue isn’t cost, but whether we are over-medicating the children.  I need a little more information… hmm.

Possible savings…

I have to admit I didn’t expect the cost to be as high and that’s before we’ve even looked at Travel Insurance and equipment! But nethertheless this is an essential part of travel.  However, I have found that there is a cheaper alternative..

If you have time and are planning to arrive via Bangkok, I have read on forums that if you are looking to reduce this cost then there are travel clinics around the world, noteably Bangkok was mentioned with Rabies vaccine only costing $11 and Yellow Fever $36. Unfortunately we are planning to travel to Africa early on and need the vaccinations prior to arriving in Thailand or it would have been something to consider.

In addition to the pre-travel vaccinations we always travel with our own medical kit with essentials , I’ll post here shortly what we recommend taking in your medical kit!

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