List of things to bring travelling

Travelling around the world means that everything we need we keep in our bags.  It’s like having our house on our backs.

There’s lots of things that we need when we travel, to make our lives easy.  So, I came up with this list of things to bring travelling because some of you might not know what you need.

For Ethan and I, we need for travelling: 

  • Paper & pens for school work and writing practice
  • Things to pass time with.

  • Swiss army knife (for a toy) – mum & dad need it to open bottles of wine
  • MP3 players & headphones
  • Pens and pencils
  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Kindles for reading

Mum’s things to bring travelling: 

  • Sarong

  • Go Pro
  • Packing cubes

  • Umbrella
  • Convertible pillows (dad says their useless – but mum says he’s used them a few times!! ha ha)
  • sick bags
  • Packaway bag (to use as a beach bag or shopping bag)

Dad’s things to bring travelling:

  • Water Filter

  • Coffee (for your parents when they get mad at you) & Aeropress & cups
  • Charging station (mutliple)

  • Torch
  • Water bottle carrier (dad says its been useful)
  • Binoculars – used on Safari, treks and wildlife walks.
  • Camera & Tripod
  • Super glue & waterproof repair tape

Personal Hygiene things to bring  for travelling: 

  • Toilet Paper 
  • nail clippers
  • Antibacterial hand wash
  • Medical Kit

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Sun cream
  • Mosquito cream

Essential things to bring travelling:

There’s some things you have to travel with, which I haven’t included as we thought these were ‘essential’ items, which you must have on your travels:

  • Phone

  • Passport
  • Credit card(s) – you need several different ones.
  • Cash & wallet
  • Backpack or bag(s) – our large bags are an Osprey backpack with wheels, dads 20 year old Karrimor backpack and 4 Osprey daypacks.

  • Waterproof watches
  • Hats & Sunglasses
  • Water bottles (make sure at least one is a thermal bottle).  You need one of these to stop using plastic bottles!
  • Multi country SIM Card
  • combination lock

  • Travel Adapter

Things you don’t need to bring for travelling:

There are also some things which we have found that we didn’t need:

Mosquito nets – because we stay in air conditioned rooms and so don’t really get mosquitos.  Dad says that’s because mum is a princess – which is true!

Sleeping bag liners – we used these once or twice, but actually we used our sarongs as bed covers more often than not.

Toys – we play cards and Uno quite a bit, but our other toys aren’t used often.  We brought travel connect 4, travel ludo, cars and top trumps.

Peebol – look it up! but we haven’t had to use any thankfully!!

So, those are the things that you might need travelling.  What’s stopping you? Get out there and explore the world with your backpack!

Jasper 😊

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