Staying in touch via Poste Restante

Have you ever considered, when travelling, how you would cope without your favourite treats or maybe you have specific brands which you can’t live without!?  Well fear not, as Poste Restante still exists.  I say still, because last time I travelled we used Poste Restante as a means of communication when emails were not as well established.  Yes, that’s how old I am!!

What is Post Restante?

This post is therefore dedicated to my family and friends who are intrigued about what Poste Restante is.  Firstly it means ‘general delivery’ and is a service offered by Post offices around the world.  They hold mail until the recipient calls for it.  This can be anything from 2 weeks to a month, it’s best to check before you send!


The services is predominantly free for collection.  When collecting you are usually asked for Photographic ID/Passport.  In more well established Post Offices there may be a computer that you type your surname into to find if anything is there for collection.

Sending Packages

To send a package (i.e. treats – family & friends this is where you need to pay attention!) you need to address it as follows:

FULL NAME (Bold and underline!) 

Poste Restante



(add the senders address too!)

Where can I send a package?

Here is a link of the countries which currently still offer this service!

I’m actually still surprised this even exists, but can’t wait to receive my first ‘love’ package when we leave – ha ha!

Happy Wrapping!



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