Compression sacs.. are they worth it?

Whilst travelling on my own I never had any issues with packing but travelling as a family is a whole new ball game.  Firstly, trying to locate the kids an emergency change of underwear or a fresh t-shirt due to a spill, without emptying the contents of your whole case is like something out of the krypton factor (a TV programme from the 80’s).

So after initial research I saw that compression sacs/compartments were being recommended by a few bloggers.  or

This makes sense to me as it segregates the kids items from ours.  I also like the idea of different colours for different members of the family so you can put your hands on what you need straight away.  See.. this is me being organised!

So, I’ve ordered one to test it out. I opted for the Eagle Creek PI Specter Compression Half Cube via .  Cost £18.45.  A little more than a pound, but I’m hoping this might be worth it’s weight.  I shall test it out and update you…

REVIEW UPDATE:  So, I did give this a trial.  When it arrived it was much smaller than I thought it would be.  It actually gave you the dimensions and I still didn’t appreciate that it was the size of a book!

Still, it said stretch…ability was the main feature so I had a go at squeezing in as much as I could.  And yes, I did squeeze in quite a few of my tops and a pair of jeans but it wasn’t really large enough for holiday or travelling use.  I used my usual method of rolling and I got the following items in:

  1. 1 x black jeans
  2. 1 x black shorts
  3. 4 x vest tops
  4. 5 x t-shirts

It was about 1/3 of the items I had planned to take on a 2 week holiday so it certainly helped but wasn’t worth the money and didn’t help as much as I was hoping!

I also didn’t like that I couldn’t see inside the pack and as soon as I opened it everything started to escape again.  It just didn’t suit my needs and not something I would recommend for family adventures.  I have further investigated the idea of packing cubes, read my blog here.

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