World adventure with family: the final chapter

We’ve booked our flight home to the Isle of Man!! It’s the final chapter! Oh my goodness, we’ve been putting it off but I know that prices tend to increase quite quickly so I just needed to get it done.

But in order for me to do this I needed to know where we were going to be and when.

We’ve researched to death different travel options. Different routes. Different transport. There’s just sooo much choice! But our primary focus is to stay on budget, to travel in warmer climates (we really don’t have much in the way of warm clothing!) and consider travel time.

This was us leaving 17 months ago!!

We’ve added in countries, removed them and added them back in again! It feels like we’re on a merry-go-round. But it’s only because we want to do everything. Alas, we quickly came to the conclusion that we just can’t do everything and trying to squeeze in little snippets just wasn’t working. Plus it was bumping up the costs!

And so we had to shorten our planned visit in South America and instead focus our remaining travels on Central America. We also realised that Keith is running out of pages in his passport!! What a dilemma to have. Hopefully we have enough pages to get to our final destinations!


The final journey home

Currently we are in Bali. We’ve taken a chance to catch our breath after an epic adventure through Indonesia. (Sorry – still catching up on blog posts though!).

And today, we fly to Japan! I can’t wait, I’m so excited about Japan. I mean we can’t afford it, and our 6 days there are going to be like a marathon. But I don’t care!

So our final itinerary looks like this:

  • Japan – 6 days visiting Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo – we are literally going to be running through the country and missing lots but our budget just won’t stretch to a long stay!)
  • Taiwan – 5 days in Taipei to explore the city and surrounding areas. This is our departing point from Asia across to the USA! So thought we’d stop and have a look around. We’ve heard lots of good things about Taiwan.
  • Los Angeles – 5 days at the end of September and it will also be Ethan’s birthday. We decided to catch our jetlag breaths considering we’ll be going back in time. We actually land before we took off!! Crazy time zones.
  • Colombia – 3 weeks, this was like the hokey pokey, it was in, it was out, it was back in!! So now we are squeezing in 3 weeks to enjoy the coffee plantations and mountains, then onto Medellin and finally finishing in Cartagena!
  • Panama – 1 week hopefully to get chance to see the Panama canal, a bit of coast and a few cities. But we are going to be spending most of our time travelling by bus.
  • Costa Rica – 3 weeks until mid November. After we pass through the land border from Panama we expect to spend a week or so on the pacific coast. We are going in search of sloths and poison dart frogs!! Then after a brief stop to hire a 4×4 we are going exploring into the mountains and the cloud forest.
  • Guatemala – 3 weeks in another new and unknown country. I’d have loved to stop in Guatemala for Spanish Immersion course as this is one of the best and cheapest places to do it. But our timeline and budget didn’t allow it. Instead we are going in search of culture and hidden gems.
  • Belize – 5 days to hit the coast and maybe visit shark alley!! But it’s too expensive to stay long, so it’s going to be a quick stopover on our way to Mexico.
  • Mexico– 10 days or so to enjoy the temples, coast and enjoy Christmas in a hot destination. Who knows when this will happen again!! We’ll be hot footing it around the yucatan peninsular before boarding our flight from Cancun through Miami back to the UK.
  • UK – to stop with friends for 6 days – 27th December before we fly home on 3rd January to the Isle of Man!! 🇮🇲

Not much of a breather

We know this last section is far too rushed, but I’m hoping it will give us a taster for South & Central America. Maybe in preparation for a future adventure!?!?

Either way, we aren’t going to wish away our last few months travelling. We are going to absorb and enjoy the time we have together and the new places we will see! We will enjoy this leg of our adventure like it is our first day!

And yes, you did read that right – we are returning home in the middle of winter!! As if we picked the most depressing time of year! Keith is also refusing to listen to my talks of home – to him it means work – boo!

But I can’t wait to see all our family and friends! I’m hoping all their hugs will keep us nice and warm during the bleak winter months on the Isle of Man!!

So, I hope you’ll continue to join us on our journey to places that we’ve never visited before! We are still researching the areas and so the middle sections are all a little hazy! But that’s ok because wherever we go and whatever we do I know that our adventures will be worth it!

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