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Having spent the last week of couple of weeks in the mountains of Austria & Slovenia, I was itching to see the sea and the coastline.  We decided to stop on the Slovenian coast for a couple of days before heading into Croatia; where we planned to briefly meet some of Keith’s family.  After which we will travel along the Croatian coastline until we reach our furthest European point; Montenegro.


Overnight stop in Razdrto

First though, it would be rude not to stop in a local Slovenian village and so on our way towards the coast we stopped off in Razdrto.

Our friendly Camper Contact app told us that there was an affordable Aires (only EUR 13 pn) called Wellness Center Mirjam.  It didn’t look like much and there were no focal points but as we would be arriving during the afternoon and leaving in early morning it was only a stopover.  

However, it was surprisingly nice.  It was good level parking with all amenities, a grass area with football goals and swings to play on.  Plus it was attached to a rather random spa (with free pool!) – the boys were made up!  We had also stopped at Decathlon and blown the budget on a much desired hammock – just look at those faces!!




We walked around the village but there wasn’t much to see.  Although we did find a walking route which led up to the tower on the hill behind.  If we had stayed another night we may have tackled it (and we did see quite a few people through our binoculars the next morning!).  If you are interested it looks challenging, check the link here!

Costa Del Slovenia

Refreshed from a good night sleep, we packed up and set off for the coast.  I had always assumed that Slovenia was a land locked country but in fact there is a small stretch of Slovenia which reaches the Adriatic Sea.  We arrived to glorious sunshine and very humid weather! Thank goodness we could take a dip!

Piran Accommodation

Originally I had read a review from ‘Life in our Van’ Blog which said they had stayed in this area in a campsite called, Camp Lucija.  It was based on the far side of a Marina but a short cycle away from the larger village of Piran. However, they mentioned an Aires (which we found through Camper Contact) which was directly opposite the campsite on the Marina for a cheaper price.

The budget won over facilities and we headed to the Marina, only to find that the price for parking only was EUR40 per night!  It’s the first time I’ve been surprised. I had done a brief calculation in my head and, using our ACSI discount card, Camp Lucija would be cheaper!  I was right (by 90 cents) but I was still right!!

The camp provided all the facilities and I was also able to catch up on some much needed laundry duties!  It was a good choice and I (and the boys) were thankful for the Electric hook-up as we needed the fan that night!  What happened to sea breezes!!


Cycling into Piran

The cycle along the Slovenia Coast from Camp Lucija is well known and described to us as ‘an easy flat cycle’.  However, it wasn’t a cycle route, as we know it, and there are sections you need to ride on the road.  

The boys are more than capable but we did struggle to find whether we should be on the road or the path at times!  Luckily we only had one run-in with a pedestrian… eek!


The route was flat and easy though and we passed many beaches enticing the boys to jump in.  However, we wanted to go to through the cobbled streets of Piran first.

A walled town by the sea and lined with narrow streets filled with numerous restaurants, coffee shops and tourist shops.  Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long as the sun was blazing. Either we haven’t adjusted to these temperatures yet or it was just pretty fierce!

After meander around the streets we sniffed out a local takeaway serving fast food suitable for hungry boys!  It was HUGE and cheap! Having arrived a little late in the day yesterday, we were in a rush to get out and explore so didn’t pack any soggy sandwiches today.  The boys were delighted and enjoyed biting into their juicy burgers and hot dogs! Piran; forever in their hearts… and stomachs!

On our return leg we passed through the marina and stopped off at one of the beautiful beaches and cooled off in the crystal clear water!  It was bliss and just what we all needed in the heat! 

However, I would recommend if coming to the Croatia or Slovenia Coast that you bring swimming shoes or sandals.  The beaches are all very stoney and in the heat can get very hot, not to mention uncomfortable!

Next up is the much anticipated Croatia adventure and more clear blue waters for us to go snorkelling in.

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