Our 2018 World travel itinerary

We have been talking about this for so long!  But now we are not far away from leaving the Isle of Man and embarking on an adventure of a lifetime with our kids.

How long are we going for?  We have no idea, but here’s where we have planned so far!  My friends and family will be glad as they have been desperate for me to confirm a route!  Quite a few of them are struggling with the fact that we don’t want to book too much before we go, to allow flexibility & spontaneity.

For now though, we start our journey by motorhome through Europe where my Mum and Dad will meet us for a mini holiday before they have their own adventure on the journey back home.  From there it will be planes, trains and automobiles  for us and this is what we have booked/planned so far:

Mid April 2018 – Leave the Isle of Man

Mid to End April 2018 – visit friends in the UK (Harry Potter Tour too!)

May 2018 – France, Spain, Germany, Austria & Italy.

June 2018 – Croatia, Montenegro & Slovenia.

Early July 2018 – Cape Town, South Africa

July 2018 – Namibia & Botswana (18 day Self Drive Tour finishing at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe)

Mid July to End August 2018 – China (Beijing to Hong Kong & lots inbetween)

Early to Mid September 2018 – Borneo, Malaysia

Mid September to Mid October 2018 – Nepal (trek & volunteering in Sikles village with Pahar Trust)

Mid October to Early December 2018 – India

We still need to fill in the gaps and establish where we are going through Europe, China & India but for now this is our plan.

Other countries we have on our Round the World Bucket List include:

Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand,  Ecuador,  Brazil,  Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba

There’s some we haven’t even thought of, or discussed, and I have no idea whether we will fit it all in; but we’ll give it a good go!

Come and follow us on our journey to see what trouble we can get into.  With only 15 weeks left until we leave, it’s all getting real!


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