Travelling through Slovenia by Ethan


First we went to lake Bohinj which was just… WOW!  It was possibly the most beautiful lake I had ever seen.


There was two campsites at Bohinj, one was right at the lake but not very even and the other one was flat but further from the lake.  We chose the one right next to the lake.

One day we chose to walk around the lake. It took about 4 hours to get all the way around with the lunch break🌯.  The views at the far side of the lake were stunning, looking down at the shimmering water and up at the mountains which enclose all around you. 

The ripples from the fish and fog it looked all eerie and it was just great.  I would definitely recommend it to all ages.



The next stop on the list was lake Bled, the smaller and more famous lake.   We stopped in this little car park up the road from lake Bled. 

We decided to row to the Island which took about 20 minutes then we walked around the Island and had really good ice cream🍦next to the church⛪ then headed back. It was lovely and again I would definitely recommend it.

The next day we took a much easier & shorter walk around the lake.

After the lakes we headed to a campsite near the harbour getting ready to go to Croatia.

From Ethan

(all photos taken by Ethan)

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  1. Grandma says:

    Brilliant blog Ethan and fab photos. well done and keep it up. xxx

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