Travelling though France, Monaco and Italy

Gorge du verdon

Having just spent a amazing few days at Gorge du Verdon. Were we went on a canoe and it was phenomenal! The sheer cliffs full of lush green trees. There are also little inlets and places to stop. I would definitely recommend it for all ages.


After Gorge du verdon we went to Monaco. I loved it and if I could I would definitely come back.

The first challenge was to find a parking space we went around and around for about five minutes then eventually we found a space at the edge of town (it turns out that the reason why we could not find a parking space was because of a race with the old formula 1 cars the real race was on next week!)

We saw lots of different sports cars like Porsches, Ferraris and even a Mclaren! We walked for about 2 hours seeing all the casinos and different houses and it was great 😊



Next we went to Italy.

The first stop was a little aires on the Italian hills then we went to another aires in Verona (also known as little rome).

Having set up at the aires we then walked into town where we saw a amphitheater and I took a few photos with my new camera.



The next place we went to was a campsite which had a bus stop to Venice directly across from the campsite. Over next 2 days we went to Venice and it was just wow!

If you have ever thought of a life sized maze well Venice is one, the streets lead to dead ends or other streets. It is really fun to try and navigate to a certain place and again I would recommend it to all ages.


Lake Garda

Our next stop was at lake Garda and the view is one you will never forget. We spent a few days cycling around it I thought it was great.

Currently we are in the dolomites taking in the countryside and getting ready for walking and cycling in the mountains.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am I will update you later so goodbye.

From Ethan

(Most of the photos were taken by Ethan too!!)

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow well done Ethan – very interesting Lots of love to you all xx

  2. Marie says:

    Thanks grandma! We miss you so much ❤️❤️❤️

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