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Welcome to our Family Travel Blog!

This family travel blog was created to inspire other families who may be thinking about adventurous travel with children.  If you are reading this then maybe you too are considering taking the plunge!  My advice is GO FOR IT!

This blog was started in April 2016 with the plan to keep a record how our adventure was planned.  Our current aim is to leave in August 2018 (UPDATE: now April 2018!  Just to excited!!).  We plan to record  the issues we face, the decisions we make and why.  At the moment we can’t say how long we will be travelling for, it depends on how long the money lasts!

We don’t believe that just because you have children everything has to stop and you have to give in to your wanderlust.  However, the enormity of leaving security and comfort of your home can be overwhelming.  I’m hoping this blog can show you that it’s not as scary as you think and that the opportunities you can offer your children far outweigh the difficulties you may face.  So, what if?!

I personally loved the idea of home schooling the boys at an age when they were keen to learn and also which doesn’t impact their development too much.  When we leave our boys will be 7 & 9 years old.

I’m sure we will be learning lots of lessons as we go!  We plan to read other family travel blogs to gain other experiences and ideas, especially in the early stages.

Take back the dreams you had, and do something amazing for you… and for your family.

You only live once – enjoy each moment you have.