Travelling into Italy

It wasn’t long before we were crossing the border into Italy. I hadn’t realised how close it was!

From the minute we crossed over the border we noticed a vast difference in respect of the infrastructure.

For the first part of the journey the toll roads were practically built on the cliff side and felt like we were flying!  There were sooo many tunnels and we were passing over the roofs of houses below. It didn’t help that it had started raining.

Down below us we could see the windy non toll road and decided we’d made the right decision to stick to tolls!

Our first impression was that the roads were alot narrower and road surface not as smooth. I think I’m becoming a road snob! But I was aware that we needed to reduce our overheads so we need to get off the toll roads as it’s an expense we hadn’t accounted for.

As we had stopped in Monaco and stretched our legs we were moving straight through to an Aires to just make a stopover.  There aren’t as many sites options as in France.


Campo ligure Aires

The first night we chose a hillside Aires that sounded quiet and lovely. We hadn’t quite appreciated that the journey up to it would be as windy and narrow!! Quite tricky in places but ok. Unfortunately it was just bad timing and, as we found out later, if it hadn’t been for a large family meal leaving at the same time we were arriving we wouldn’t have met as many cars!!

The Aires was just below the restaurant with lovely wooded views across the valley. We popped up to pay our €10 to the owner, Selina and her beautiful dogs. She was so lovely and helpful. Italian hospitality was good so far!!

And no WIFI!! It’s ok, we all survived but I’m a little behind on the blog to expect to be spammed!!

That night though, was our first real rain fall and sounded like stones being thrown on top of the van. Thank goodness for ear plugs!

The boys have been great with the long driving as it gives them a chance to be bored and entertain themselves. Something that kids nowadays really struggle with.


Central Italy

We soon found that the non toll roads we had opted for weren’t plain sailing as the motorhome was being shaken to death! In fact we determined that it wasn’t worth the hassle and so opted to rejoin the toll roads (which are alot cheaper than France).  However, this meant we were going to get to our destination a little earlier than expected!

We mulled this over when we stopped for lunch and made a decision to head for Verona instead – which had been recommended to us!  We found an Aires close to the city and typed it into the sat nav. A snap decision and change of plan! I’m getting good at this!!

I’ll update you on Verona shortly.

Driving to Venice

After a nights stop we then turned our focus to Venice, one of our main stopping points! Back on the tolls for ease and heading towards a campsite for facilities. The boys were looking forward to Venice and I was looking forward to doing laundry… how things have changed – ha ha!


Serenissima campsite

We have arrived at a lovely campsite about 25 minutes bus ride into Venice. It’s very quiet and relaxed so we can spend a couple of days catching up and sight seeing.   The best part is that there is a bus directly into Venice which takes about 25 minutes. Easy access!

As we have spent the last 4 nights at Aires it will be good to have all the facilities again.


Day trip into Venice

We took our first visit into Venice during the afternoon, plus a visit to murano glass museum (homeschooling tick).

I’ll update you on Venice and Murano in more detail later.

However, if you want to keep up with where we are at then follow the link.

Ciao for now!

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