Travelling Europe update so far

The first part of our journey is a trip through Europe for 9 weeks.  We’ve been away for 3 weeks now and I’m feeling good, but a bit tired as we are not getting much sleep. We’ve been up later and had some long drives.  Most of the time we’ve been driving but we have stopped once or twice at friends houses, Aires and campsites.

First we travelled through England. We saw some of our best friends and family. We also visited Gryffindor at Harry Potter Land, it was o.k. The butterbeer tasted fizzy and sweet.  We loved our trip to Magna science Museum – I loved every part of it!

We’ve tried to get outside but has been rubbish weather. We still managed to walk our friends dogs, some cycles and even rowing.

After England we got on the Eurotunnel, which was delayed by 3 hours. Then we travelled through France, it was good. The countryside was greener with lots more colours and houses were wide and low down.

I learnt a new word ‘Pont’ which means bridge. We made a few stops but a lot of driving before we finally reached Spain and Riyo!

We spent a whole weekend of fun with Riyo and Zane. We went lizard catching, played laser tag in the forest next to Riyo’s house (Riyo is the undefeated chamption). One morning we went for a walk but the heavens opened and it chucked it down. We eventwent to Barcelona for a day; which was amazing!

We then arrived back in France for a bit of a rest. We have a few days planned in the French Hills doing some activities so I’ll update you later.


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