Top tips for planning a motorhome journey in England

We live in the Isle of Man…. so the boat is booked!  Step 1 – completed.  You then need to look into:

Assessing travelling times

Google Maps is extremely useful for assessing driving times.  However,there is a SAT Nav specific for motorhomes which diverts you away from roads which aren’t suitable. Type all postcodes into your favourites.


Once an area has been identified find a site to stop.  Unlike scotland, I believe you can’t just park anywhere in England. (  Therefore, we looked for campsites with amenities such as a shop/pub/attractions etc.. nearby.  Having a motorhome means if you want to journey far you need to take the whole house with you!  This is going to be one of our learning curves.  For researching sites we have used the Caravan & Camping Club website, which has access to a large number of sites across the UK and google search for general areas.=

Print a schedule or diary

Print a schedule/diary to calculate dates to stay.  We have looked at the activities within the area to consider how long to stay.  Bearing in mind that campsites do not allow access until after 12 noon (Don’t forget to review the journey time and possible children meltdown probabilities).  We tend to use to manage our travel plans.

It is quite easy to get confused with check-out and check-in dates when only staying 1-2 days so get someone to cast their eyes over the proposed schedule.

Contact Sites

Contact sites.  Most of our bookings were made through caravan and camping sites.  However, there were a few we made by directly contacting the site.  Note: during peak periods some sites have minimum nights for bookings.

What’s on?

Advance book tickets for large attractions.  If you have Tesco vouchers I would highly recommend using them for days out.  It can save you an absolute fortune as we found out.  Also, read up on the websites as some places (such as Eden Project) reduce the cost if you travel ‘green’.

Keep documentation safe

Print all documentation and keep it safe….  If you want to keep it online, try using Google Docs, Dropbox or just take a photo.  I have my photo’s backed up to Google photos so they are easily accessible.

Happy Travels!

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