Motorhome – trial run

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Motorhome.JPG” icon=”” width=”5472″ height=”3648″ extra=”image” style=”embed”]We have decided that the first part of our travels will involve a few months a travelling round Europe and to save costs we are going to borrow my mum and dad’s motorhome.  This is their precious baby (believe me I’ve had enough lists and lectures to know!), so needless to say I’m nervous about venturing out into Europe.  Therefore, we are going to have a few ‘test runs’.

Firstly, we are taking it for a weekend on the Isle of Man and using a site with electric hook-up and then one without.  Then we are off to England for 2 weeks to really test it out (and my driving skills!)

Although having a motorhome will allow us to carry more than we really require, when we actually start travelling we won’t be able to take it all with us.  Best to start as we mean to go on so it means keeping things simple.

So this first trip will allow us to have a look at the gas, electrics, sleeping arrangements, general functionality & general maneuverability of the motorhome.  We may even need to use chocks… geez!  This is going to be interesting…. but tonnes of FUN!!!


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