Lake Bohinj, Slovenia – World adventure with Family

It was time to move on again… this leg of our journey was taking us to our first new country (well for me and Keith anyway).  We were heading towards Slovenia. A country known for it’s unspoilt and natural beauty. If I’m honest I didn’t do much research before I left but many people had mentioned Lake Bled as a lovely destination.  Keith had also been recommended Lake Bohinj.

Having checked the camping options, we opted to pass through lake Bled and straight onto Lake Bohinj.  As we drew near to Lake Bled the area was lovely with cafes, restaurants and hotels near the lake side and a beautiful island with a church in the middle.  

It reminded me a little of Lake Garda. However, we weren’t stopping just yet, we’ll pull in on our way back. So, instead we headed deeper into the Triglav National Park.

Arriving at Lake Bohinj

As we drew closer to our destination the clouds were becoming darker with the arrival of a heavy thunderstorm.  It became really heavy just as we were arriving. Not ideal for setting up. It was around 2pm and the campsite didn’t open it’s reception until 4pm, but already it was looking busy.  We took a chance and decided to find a plot. This seemed to be the norm and meant we would just need to register where we were with Reception.

We soon realised that the campsite was a free-for-all.  However, there weren’t any designated plots. Instead it was a case of setting up in an area that was as level as it could be.  Although most of it was slanted and the electric boxes that we needed were not very sporadic.

After driving and walking for about 25 minutes I was starting to have a sense of humour failure.  We decided on an area and took about 10 attempts to get it up on chocks. Bearing in mind that it was still chucking it down at this time!

We still had a slant but I had given up and there weren’t very many options!  Keith noticed I was losing it and sat me down to make me a coffee. I just needed to chill out.  We would move if we needed tomorrow.

Soon the clouds began to clear and the sun broke through.  WOW! The clouds had been hiding the extraordinary scenery which stood before us.

It was just breathtaking.

Area around Camp Bohinj

We decided to go for a little explore and so glad we did. At the end of the campsite we found a wooden sign talking of local folktales (near Ukanc).  

We followed it round and saw that there were stamps to use and apparatus. It was definitely aimed at children and the signs were written in both Slovenian and English. We agreed to bring our books tomorrow!

As we wandered through the grass area we found the river running into Lake Bohinj.  It was the most beautiful green glow and was so clear!

Due to the Thunderstorm a low mist had formed on the river creating an air of mystery.  It was stunning! We only wandered for an hour and agreed to head out early next morning for a walk around the lake.

Walk around Lake Bohinj

The guides we read suggested it would be a 3-4 hour walk.  We made our stops at the wooden boards so that the boys could get their stamps, as promised and then continued around the lake.  Wherever we turned there was just amazing scenery and amazing mountain ranges.

The pathway was fairly easy to find through the trees, although there must have been a storm as we found a sign saying pathway closed… so we carried on!  It must have been why we had only met a few people so far!

We did have to negotiate around some fallen trees but it was all perfectly passable (which we explained to the campsite owner when we returned and she asked about our walk).

The route hugged the lake for the most part with only a few sections diverting away.  It was beginning to get warm so glad we brought extra drinks today. The boys were chatting happily together with no complaints about the distance or length of time we would be out.

They are definitely adjusting to this travelling malarkey!

The path cleared and became flatter with more people with prams/bikes. This was as we neared the villages of Stara Fuzina and Ribcev Laz.  

We actually stopped at the supermarket to grab some sandwiches for lunch as were ill prepared for today’s adventure! whoops.

Ribcev was more touristy with a few hotels and restaurants, but still all very tasteful to the area and small.  The final stretch (4km) from Ricev Laz to the campsite was alongside the road (which ran alongside the lake). This was by far the busier section and was full of walkers and cyclists.

Jasper was beginning to tire towards the end of our 12 km walk as we approached 4 hours – even with a lunch stop!  All in all an easy and enjoyable walk with hundreds of photographs taken.


Walk into Mostnica Gorge

This area is definitely aimed towards hikers and there are many walks to choose from.  We chose to cycle to Starva Fuzina and walk up through Mostnica Gorge and further along to the eaterfall.  However, we’ve read that the waterfall isn’t that impressive so we will see how things go.

The cycle to the start of the gorge was easy enough, although how to get in and where to park the bikes wasn’t as straight forward. We opted to just chain them to a post and wander into the forest to find the pathway.  

After walking for about 10 minutes next to more lucious green rivers and small but deep canyons we reached a little hut. In order to walk through the gorge you need to pay EUR3 for adults and EUR 1.50 for children.

The walk was well maintained and easy to negotiate.  There were little snippets to get really close to the river (as well as rock climbing and mini beaches).  It was a really good explore for the boys. The further up the river we waked the more impressive the gorge became.  I can’t express how amazing it was, just see for yourself!

We attempted to walk to the Mostnica Waterfall but the rugged and interesting path soon became a road and it was in the midday sun..hmmm!  As such we turned back and stopped for lunch in the shade of the trees with the gorge as our backdrop.


I should note that when we reached the end of the gorge (where a bridge crosses).  We carried up the path and arrived at a road (and little restaurant slightly further along).  I was surprised to not see a hut and presume you could visit (part of) the gorge without paying.  We were happy to pay the EUR 9 fee though and spent over 3 hours exploring and playing!



Other suggested walks/activities

Whilst at Lake Bohinj we saw more than a few backpackers who looked like they were taking the hikes in the area a little more seriously!  

There is a cable car (vogel) which takes you high up in the mountains with options for more walks. If we had spent longer in the area this would have been out adventure list!  

The cost in summer is EUR15 for adults & EUR 10 for children… plus EUR 4 if you want to take your bike up… or paraglider if you have one! (Shhh… hubby would have loved to pack his paraglider!!)

There are lots of hiking trails, including a number of descents and with options available for younger children.  Check out for more information.  

Just up the road from our campsite there is also the Waterfall Slap Savica.  You can drive most of the way, with a large parking area at the end as well as restaurant and tourist shop.  The cost of entry is again EUR 3 for adults, less for children.

We didn’t visit as this is the more popular and easy route which takes a mere 20 minutes.  But if you are looking for an easy walk for little ones, this is it!

Whilst travelling through Ribcev Lav, there were a number of people having a go at rock climbing with a small company set up in the corner; next to a very busy restaurant/bar.

We found these without much investigation, so there are plenty more outdoor activities around the area

Note: always check the local weather!  The weather changed quickly when we were there, when the sun disappeared and a thunderstorm with torrential downpours appeared!  More often than not they were short lived but it pays to be prepared!


We only spent 3 nights at Lake Bohinj, but we could have spent longer as there were boats to hire on the lake as well as the other walks I mentioned above.  Overall, the place was under developed, pure, natural beauty and definitely a highlight of the trip so far!

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