A day trip into Monaco in a motorhome

How do you take a motorhome into Monaco without succumbing to the narrow streets or wedged in the low tunnels which snake their way through the city???

We had a good attempt at trying just this when we found that Monaco had an underground parking for motorhomes! But all didn’t got to plan…

Bet you think I’m crazy, well I had doubts myself when I first researched the idea of taking a motorhome into Monaco. My first plan of action was to take a train from Saint Raphael as the train line runs along the picturesque Cote d’azur. I know this because we took the same journey around 15 years ago!

Unfortunately when we were in the area there was a train strike and therefore reduced the train times and also impacted on the days leading up to and preceeding these strikes – hmm!


So what were the chances that we could drive there.

We have used the website Campercontact to find Aires and parking places and there happened to be such a place within Monaco-ville! After a little research this appeared to be quite real and looked like it was underground so secure too. We decided to go for it.

It was a Sunday so hopefully the roads would be quiet and we could stop for a few hours.

The directions were very accurate indeed, but if it hadn’t been for our Sat Nav having a tilt right as we were reaching the end, I doubt I’d have done 5 laps around a roundabout.

But we eventually located our destination.

Formula 1 – historique

What we didn’t know was that although the Formula 1 Grand Prix was next weekend, they have a historic Forumula 1 race the weekend before (in fact today!). whoops! We didn’t do our research very well!

This meant we arrived at the parking only to find it was full (Complete) – argghh.
Now we were in a quandry, where else could you park a motorhome in Monaco.

After a conversation with a very nice policeman it was determined that there was nowhere to park! Instead, we would have to accept that Monaco would be visited on another journey.

We reset our Sat Nav and headed off in the direction of our next stopover in Italy.
However, en-route I noticed some parking at the side of the road just outside Monte Carlo so I pulled over. It even turned out to be free parking as it was a Sunday! There was plenty of room, no restrictions and even if we couldn’t reach Monaco we would certainly get into Monte Carlo (and maybe see the Casino).

We started to head in the direction of Monaco when I spotted a bus indicating the same direction as us. After gently persuading Keith it was a good idea to rest tired legs for the walk back, we hoped on to the bus and soon arrived in Monaco. Success!

From the minute we started our journey the boys were aghast at the number of sports cars they could see. They were so excited and leaped about and took photos of any flashy car that passed. Most of the photos will no doubt but a blur, but they were in their element; squealing and jumping with delight.

Monaco highlights

Due to the racing we were unable to access the main areas being the port, casino, beach or race course itself but we did manage to see parts from different viewing areas. We also stumbled upon the Train station, which was as pristine as I originally remembered! I have never to this day seen so much marble and cleanliness in a train station!

After some sight seeing we found ourselves at a rather posh hotel, Hotel Hermitage with a number of flashy cars (I’m sure Ethan will be delighted to reel off the makes and types, but I saw a grey one, a red one and a blue one!)

Following more photos by the boys we started to make our way back to the Motorhome.

All in all, a successful little stopover… in the end!


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