Cooking up a storm with Ethan

I’d read that a popular activity in China was the local cooking class. So while we were having some down time in yangshuo (and the weather was a bit wet) I decided to book in. I was not alone as Ethan, who loves his food, wanted to join me.

So we arranged with our hostel to join an afternoon cooking class with Cloud 9 cooking school.

Where to go?

We booked through our hostel, which suggested Cloud 9 restaurant for our cooking class. It was brilliant. Jenny, our teacher, spoke very good English and even came to our hostel to collect us.


How much did it cost?

It was RMB 150 per person. This includes a market tour, a bottle of water, cooking and eating the food you prepared.



There are 4 dishes to be cooked, 2 meat and 2 vegetable. She gave us the options and we had to decided which we preferred. Luckily there was only 4 in our class and we agreed on:

  • Beef and mushrooms
  • Kung pao chicken
  • Noodles with vegetables
  • Green beans


Market tour

First you visit a local market to see the different, vegetables and meat available. We didn’t buy anything as it was an afternoon class and Jenny already had the ingredients at the restaurant.

However, she was very patient and showed us all the different vegetables and his they were used. It was very interesting and informative.

After the vegetable market we then took a look at the meat market. It was a little depressing and I asked Ethan if he wanted to look and he did. This market sold a large variety of animal meat including cats and dog.

It’s well known for it and although a little distressing the lesson is that their culture is much different to ours! We didn’t stop long here. You can skip this part of you want.


Cooking class

We headed down to West Street where cloud 9 restaurant is situated. We put on our chef hats and aprons and viewed our work stations. All the hard with had been done and we had baskets of pre prepared raw meat and vegetables (as agreed).

On the counter we had a work station between 2 with a wok, burner and armed with a meat cleaver each! Ethan just grinned at me and I just winced! 

We started by dicing the food according to the dish we had chosen. It was all done fairly quickly, but I still had time to help Ethan with trickier bits. There wasn’t much time to chat or take photos – you were there to work 😂

Ethan did amazing, he listened to all the instructions and only need help a couple of times! He absolutely loved it!

Jenny cooked with us and gave instructions as we went. It was a fast pace when the cooking started.  First we cooked the beef dish and had the chance to stop and eat this with some rice on the balcony.

Then it was back in the kitchen to produce our final 3 dishes! It was great fun!


The finale

After cooking we were left to enjoy our feast and what a feast it was! Both delicious (even if I do say so myself) and oodles of food. Luckily daddy and Jasper joined us and helped us finish it off? and we sat looking over Yangshuo enjoying our feast!

Jenny handed out the recipes for all the meals we had cooked. I think I’ll be able to recreate that again, as long as I have a suitable sous chef on hand!

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