First blog on holiday… or maybe not!

So…. after starting this blog only a few months back, I reckoned it would be a great chance to test out the theory of posting some blogs about getting ready for holiday, what we did on holiday and maybe add a few snaps.

Well, needless to say things didn’t go according to plan. I’m now back home at my computer wondering where on earth I go from here. Whilst at the same time thinking about whether I have enough school uniforms ready for the week. How I juggle work and the kids sports day tomorrow and the mountain of washing I still have to do. By the way I have been home for 2 whole days now!!! arrgghhh… how people do it?!!?  Day to day life is definitely in control right now.

So in conclusion, I thought I was organised… I was not!  More reading and researching required, plus more planning & re-prioritisation needed!

However, on a positive ending. I will be posting our latest Majorca holiday experience along with any tips & what we got up to.

June 2016

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