Yellow Fever Vaccination

We are continuing to stab the kids on a regular basis so that they know this trip isn’t all going to be fun and happiness! Ha ha.  The latest medical requirement was my most feared… Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Yellow fever vaccination is required for travellers to certain countries and is recommended for all travellers to countries or areas with risk of yellow fever transmission.  A list can be found here.

I’m not 100% sure why I was so nervous about the Yellow Fever Vaccination?!  Maybe it was the nurses concern that I had selected Boots Pharmacy (as it was cheaper) to get the boys injections and whether they had appropriate First Aiders to deal with any reactions or maybe it was the long list of ‘possible’ side effects or that after that first 10 minutes, the period to monitor was anything up to 14 days!  Information can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but nevertheless it was required.

My nerves must have passed onto the boys as they were very jittery before we headed into the medical room.  The pharmacist was so good though and put on a deadly 360 programme to keep them distracted while they were having their injection.  The nurse normally just stabs them without hesitation!!

Jasper was first and didn’t flinch, exclaiming to his brother that it wasn’t sore at all.  I think it was, but he likes to put on a show as Ethan is a little more sensitive to pain!!

Ethan did relax and with only a little ‘ow’, it was all over!  We had to stay in the room for 10 minutes for that ‘initial reaction’ and meant we had time to watch more horrors about poisonous snakes and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Once you have received the injection you are provided with a yellow medical book to confirm you have been vaccinated.  If you visit any Yellow Fever countries you are required to evidence that you have the vaccination or you could be prevented from entering.

All seemed to be o.k. and the boys didn’t develop any reactions other than crankiness… but that could just be a 7 & 9 year old being normal?!  The pharmacist did have me slightly concerned when she kept watching Jasper’s movement and asking if he was feeling o.k.  Hmm!  Needless to say I kept a very close eye on them the next couple of days.


Yellow fever cost £58.00 each, whereas the cost was £79 at our medical centre.  On the reverse side of this the Rabies vaccination at Boots Pharmacy is £55 per injection (you need 3), totalling £165 and our medical centre is £110. Therefore, it does pay to investigate options where you are.

Next is Rabies vaccinations of which you need 3!  We still haven’t been able to source any for the kids yet, but I’ll panic about that when we have only a few months to go!

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