We’ve told School!

Well, that’s step 1 done… We’ve told the boys headteacher what we are planning.  Keith and I waited for the lecture on the importance of stability and schooling in a educational environment with experts… but it didn’t come! Instead the reply was:

“What an amazing opportunity you are offering the boys – they will have a fabulous time and learn so much!”… phew!

We asked about homeschooling and asked about what we needed to do, to which the reply was again surprising: “Just tell the IOM Department of Education that you are homeschooling”.  So, that means no tick boxes, no specific curriculum, no tests – wow!  He also suggested using BBC Bitesize  http://www.bbc.co.uk/education as a means of accessing curriculum activities for free.

Could it really be that easy?  Homeschooling definitely won’t be easy and we are very conscious not to allow the boys to fall behind and will be obtaining more information from school before we leave!

The thought process for now is that Keith will teach Ethan & manage his learning and I will look after Jasper.

Let the research into homeschooling on the road begin…

Note:  This is obviously different in most countries and I would recommend that you speak to your school or local department of education for information on what is required.

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