Where to next?

My head is spinning!!! Where to next?  It was so much easier to do this planning malarkey when I was sat at a desk at home drinking coffee and pretending to be doing housework!  Ok, so I never pretend to do housework, but still I was drinking coffee without kids pestering me and hubby breathing down my neck!! 

(* hands firmly on hips!!)

So I hit a wall with it all. I’m a planner, I’m not going to deny it! When I don’t have things straight in my head (whether they’re booked or not) I get in a tizz. And so I was so grateful when we stopped, in an apartment, for a week in Kuala Lumpur.

Keith will tell you it was because we needed to organise extended visas for Indonesia. But I will undoubtedly confirm it was because I stamped my feet and threw my toys out of the pram!!

“I need to stop and think!”

I’m happy to report that we even have some dates pencilled in and have a plan of action going forward. Happy Marie.


Researching headache

Most of you, who have been following along, will know that Central America is on my bucketlist. Like BIG time!! So I put in a request to include this in our itinerary before we go home. Well that timeframe is getting shorter as we plan to head home at the end of this year! Wahhhh.

So I started my investigation on how to do it.  I don’t know about you, but I never knew getting from Asia to America was a complete ball-ache! And it’s ruddy expensive too!!

Skyscanner was spitting out stupid numbers!  Whhaaaattttt!!! We worked out that you can’t fly direct to South or Central America without first robbing a bank! 

So I had to break it down. 


What did we know?

First, we worked out we needed to fly to the USA first (actually Canada was in there for a while!) 

The main hubs to USA seemed to be from Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore.


But where was cheapest?

I typed into Skyscanner from Japan (because I now decided I’d really like to go there too!) to anywhere in the USA. Keith was getting a bit stressy with me because now I’ve added Japan to our ‘budget’ trip – oops! 😂

Anyway, back to the investigation…

  • First came up Honolulu! Ooh, nice… but then a flight onwards was too expensive. 
  • Then we found a route to Vancouver but when we went to book, the price doubled on checkout – arghhh!
  • Next we found a cheap flight to Dallas, but the airline had a poor safety rating!

Oh it went on.  Then I looked at Hong Kong, but things didn’t improve there. Lots of toing and froing with 36 hour connection suggested as one option! I’m not that stupid! They may look angelic, but my goodness when they are tired – oofph! No thanks!

We looked at  Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington, New York, Chicago… I was getting so frustrated.


Other departure points

Then I decided to look at other Asian destinations. That’s when we came up with Taiwan. Flights were available to LA for the dates we wanted (now that I’d  squeezed in a week to Japan 🤭). 

The price was reasonable (£275 per person!) So now I had to play with the dates so we could visit a little of Taiwan too (managed to slip in 5 days! Ha ha). Keith’s going mad at the moment. But you only live once.

And now we have a route -yay! Ok we don’t have Central or South America quite pinned down yet. But we’re in the right area of the world so hoping to finalise this as we go along.

Did you know that Las Vegas is only 5 hours from LA on a bus and only costs $15 per person?! Hee hee… watch this space! 


The itinerary

After all my waffling above,  and for those of you who weren’t remotely interested in hearing how I was tearing my hair out… this is what we have planned for the next few months.

End July – Malaysia (heading to Melaka tomorrow) & Singapore. 

August & mid September – Indonesia (travelling through the java Islands)

Mid/End September – Japan and Taiwan

End September – Los Angeles…

Ahhhh! And relax until the final leg before home!!! 

Thanks for listening! It really helps to get it off my chest – ha ha!! 

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  1. Richard Read says:

    Might as well go for it – you only live once

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