Updated : World adventure with family itinerary

Whilst in the midst of blogging and making lots of memories with my family… I’ve been told off 🙄.  Supposedly I’ve not updated our itinerary and told you all where we are off to next.  Too busy getting my hair done, cycling around and generally exploring… Sorry! 🤣🤣

So to put your mind at rest (and not an attempt to make you jealous at all!).  This is our rough plan for the next leg:


Today we fly to Borneo, Malaysia. We are spending around 2 weeks in Sabah by the beach, then inland to the rainforests! Boys are most excited about this trip and are hoping to see orangutans & proboscis monkeys in the wild.  But also, they are looking forward to planting trees as part of reforestation project. The boys did some fundraising for Greenpeace some time ago after seeing rainforests destroyed by Palm oil plants!


After Borneo we fly to Kathmandu in Nepal. It’s coming up to festival season so we are literally stopping for a day or two before heading to pokhara and trekking for 2 days up to Sikles village. Here we are staying for 11 days to volunteer in the community and school. It’s also going to be Ethan’s 10th birthday while we are there!  2 days trek back to pokhara and then 🤷


Next we are heading to India, but timing is unclear but we are aiming to stay for around 2 ½ months. We have until end of January 2019 to be in and around the area. We have no definite plans yet or flight booked from Nepal. We’ll just see where we fancy. It’s time to hoof it a bit! Keith’s very excited about this!!

Australia and New Zealand

Our next flight from here is to Perth, Australia at the end of January.  We plan to be in Australia and New Zealand for February and March, but again no definite plans.

After this, who knows! We need to take stock but our thoughts are probably that we will head back to South East Asia and explore this area!

Hopefully that keeps you fairly up to date with what we know. As with anything – things can change, and who knows what the future holds.

Seize what you have, give it a good shake and see where it lands!

See you all on social media soon 

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