It’s the next leg (maybe)…

And a happy Travelversary to us!!

A whole year!! Wow!!! I don’t know about you but I never thought we’d be here this long. And I definitely didn’t expect to still be in Australia.  

We’ve had an awesome adventure so far! When I glance back at my photos I find myself just grinning! This has been the best thing we’ve ever done as a family!  But we’ve done so much!! Our European roadtrip or our trek & volunteering in Nepal are just a distant happy memory… forever in our hearts ♥️

But the adventure’s not over!

When we left home, we sold our cars, most of our belongings and rented our house. Plus with our savings we knew we could extend our travels if we were savvy. Budget doesn’t always come easy. Saying no to the boys can sometimes be tough. But they understand why and haven’t shown any signs of wanting to go home!

Unfortunately, we hadn’t budgeted to stay this long in Australia! 3 weeks I think we said, but having friends here and being able to stay with them have helped extend our visit. Plus Australia is sooo easy for travel!  I don’t regret our time here at all! It’s been amazing catching up with long lost friends

But now it’s just about time for us to leave!


What’s the plan?

As always we have a loose plan. A rough itinerary that will take us through… South East Asia for 4 ish months.

We’ve calculated a burn rate for these countries and estimated the costs. We’ve done pretty well to manage this so far *fingers crossed.



It’s been much more difficult to plan out this stage as we are travelling and juggling where we are now and then having to research new countries. It all gets a bit muddled.  

But our current plan is to fly from Perth on 6th May and head to:

Cambodia – spending around 10 days to visit Phnom Penh, Battambang and Siem Reap. Keith has had Angkor Wat on his radar forever!

Northern Thailand – around 2 weeks – we are crossing the border by bus and venturing north into the hills to visit Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai and maybe Pai. But as we are starting to hit monsoon season so may have to push on early.

Myanmar – 2 weeks. Flying from Chaing Mai we hope to travel from Yangon north to Mandalay, stopping at Inle lake en route.

This part is pretty clear, after that it goes hazy. We’re going to assess money, flights, weather etc and then decide, but our plan is to visit:



Malaysia and


Unfortunately timing, monsoon and money means we may have to miss the Philippines (*sad face). But we’ll decide that nearer to the time!


Are you coming home then??

Hmmmm….If we are budget savvy and I get my way then the plan is to head to Central America after. 

Whether that comes to plan…. I have no idea!! But for now, we’re going to aim for the dream to continue. And I’m desperate to head to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador, to name but a few!

But whatever we decide and whether we can extend our travels. For now, we know that we will continue our travel adventures in the future.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook (world adventure with family) and Instagram (worldadvwithfamily) to keep right up to date with where we are!!

For now, we are recharging the batteries in Perth ready for our next adventures!!

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