Trekking in Nepal by Ethan

We spent a month travelling around Nepal. We stayed in Kathmandu and travelled over to pokhara before we headed into the Himalayas for a trek and stay at Sikles village.  Here is my blog about our Nepal trip!


The first stop on the way was Crazy Kathmandu.

At the airport we got a taxi to our hostel and on the drive I was sooo scared: we nearly hit like 3 pedestrians, 5 cars and got stuck in a traffic jam (moan), though I loved it. We had a hostel down a little lane in Thamel and we could see everything because we were 6 floors up!!!


After we settled down we decided to go and have a walk so we went down the street and when we looked up all we saw were wires, cables and more wires! I mean seriously how could you find your TV’s cable!? There was one roundabout which cars and bikes and allsorts which was chaotic. We named this place, crazy corner.


We went back to our hostel and got changed and went for dinner but while we were having dinner Jasper spilled his drink all over mum! And if you know what mum is like AAAARRRR all hell broke loose, she went back and got changed and was a bit cross with Jasper!

After dinner we just collapsed on the beds.

We also came back to Kathmandu after our trek and ate out a few times.  Including going to the best pizzeria we’ve ever been to, thus far called roadhouse cafe. I would definitely recommend to go there!!

Garden of Dreams

We went for a walk and had breakfast at Gaya restaurant, then headed towards a place called the Garden of dreams. When we got there we were shocked, it was so tranquil. There were perfectly cut hedges, steps down to a little stream and chipmunks were pretty much everywhere. While we were at the gardens, all we did was play with the chipmunks.

We put our hands out and some of them crawled on them.

We chilled out the rest of the afternoon because we had to pack to go to Pokhara. For dinner that night we decided to go for some authentic Indian Thalis. So we went to a little Dhaba called Western Tandoor. It was amazing, all the naans and the dishes were great.


Travelling to Pokhara

The next morning we got up pretty early to get a 7 hour bus to Pokhara (another moan). So we got on a Super VIP Deluxe Bus and settled into these huge seats. The only problem was mum and dad wouldn’t let us read, play our tablets, watch the TV. They wouldn’t let us do anything except look outside and listen to music. It was the definition of boring! I hated it.

Note from mum: It was a very windy and bumpy bus journey and we didn’t want to the boys to get sick – bad parents!!! ha ha

We stopped halfway for a buffet lunch, but Jasper and I didn’t really enjoy it, so another boo! When we finally got there we couldn’t wait to check out Pokhara.


Staying in Pokhara

We got a taxi to our hotel where we dropped our bags and went out for a walk to Lake Fewa. It was beautiful and we walked up and down one side of it. We stayed out and watched sunset while we had a drink and had some snacks before heading back and having one of the best sleeps ever.

Next day in Pokhara, mum and dad had to pack for the oncoming trek. We took advantage of that and so we watched Johnny English, very funny! We went to the Lemon Tree and had pizzas and mum had pasta. That was pretty much all that Pokhara had, there wasn’t much Nepalese food, as this is what you eat on the trek.

We also came back to pokhara after our trek, and stayed there for 5 days – just relaxing!

We rowed a boat to the world peace stupa and enjoyed the sunsets at fewa lake.

We also are out at lots of great restaurants!

Our trek to Sikles

Trekking – day 1

We met our Guide, Hem and porter, Narum and piled into a super jeep as our hotel owner called it. We travelled for an hour to Kalikstan and began our trek to Yangjakot (stop number 1).

We started by following a ridge down through the green mountains to a river. Hem kept showing us all sorts, like chestnut trees, birds and places. We made it down to the river in about 2 hours. We crossed our first suspension bridge and walked through the paddy fields. I was such a chicken about the leeches. We saw lots of bugs and insects in the paddy fields like beetles, praying mantis and leeches.

Then we started the climb up, and up, and up! We stopped to fill our water filter in a little village. We had to walk up to a radio tower, on the way we met a group of farmers and we gave them all a chocolate eclair! It was hard but not impossible. It was a little bit hot!

Soon we arrived in Yangjakot and stayed at teahouse. We had a noodle soup before walking up to the viewpoint.


After taking a few photos of sunset we made our way back and had our first traditional Dal Bhat dinner. Mum and dad had some crazy juice too!

Trekking – Day 2

I slept quite well actually, I didn’t think I would. We had pancakes for breakfast before we had a blessing from our hosts to help us on our way. Boy were we gonna need it! Hem told us it was going to be a 7 hour walk today.

We made our way towards Tanting Village (stop 2). We walked downhill and through more paddy fields.

There seemed to be more leeches around today, they attacked mum more. We think it was because she was so sweaty. Luckily Hem brought some salt which made the leeches fall off.

When we reached the river, we stopped for lunch and met a group of people and a load of kids (goats)! The kids were trying to head butt us. Then we started the MASSIVE climb. It was really sunny and very, very hot! It took us about 4 hours to go up. A group of people and their goat walked with us and we fed the goat leaves.

On the way up Hem was talking to one of the ladies and she said she had a really nice place and we could come and stay with her, so we did.

We slept in an attic room, they gave us popcorn (which was unexpected) and we had a hot shower with a bucket, which I loved!!!

That night we had dinner in her Nepalese traditional kitchen (see the picture). We had Dal Bhat again, which was tasty.

Trekking – day 3

We woke up the next morning and the views from Tanting village were astonishing!

We got given another blessing and Hem said the walk to Sikles would take around 6-7 hours. We set off and me and J were pumping! We were about 20 metres ahead of the group for pretty much the whole way down.

At the bottom we went on our biggest and longest suspension bridge yet! (mum was suuuuuuppppperr scared!). We also saw this weird spotty beetle type thing.

It was a tough climb with lots of steps, but dad saw 2 snakes and I saw 1!!!!!!! Looking for them kept me focused and instead of it taking 7 hours, it only took us 4 to reach sikles village. We made our way to our Guesthouse called Namaste Guest House.

I’m writing a separate blog about our stay in Sikles village.


Day 4 – trekking back to Tanting

After our 11 days in Sikles it was time to go back to Pokhara.  Hem, our guide, came to pick us up with our new porter. Hem gave us a choice either to  for 10 hours up and over the mountain with leeches or go back to Tanting.  We decided to go down to Tanting again!

We brought with us a lady called Peggy who was a animalbiologist from America. So we made our way down through the rice paddies (one point we even went through them, ha ha).

When we got to the bottom we crossed the suspension bridge and started to make the climb. To be fair it wasn’t that hard and we thoroughly enjoyed it (although mum did nearly faint).

On the way up we collected Nuro (locals ferns) to put in the Dal bhat. We stayed at the same homestay as last time but we had time to walk around the village and see what was going on.

When we came back the lady had prepared popcorn as was starting to make dinner. I watched her make the Nuro and boy it was good!!

Day 5 – last day

The next day we woke up to the same amazing views we had last time!

We had tasty millet pancakes for breakfast with an Indian bean curry and then set off again!

Today was only really going to be a 3 or 4 hour walk downhill where we were going to catch a jeep all the way back to Pokhara.

The walk down was pretty easy and nice way to finish the trek.

Just 5 minutes into the jeep ride we stopped and hem said that there was 10 or 20 beehives on the cliffside. They were huge! Everytime the bees moved it looked like a ripple of water.

We soon arrived back in Pokhara and just stayed in bed as watched TV for the rest of the day (we deserved it!).

All round the trek is easy enough for kids to do it and has great scenery to be seen!

Thanks for reading!

From, Ethan

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    Well done Ethan – great blog

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