Ethans Blog #2 Skiing in Morzine

Recently we went on a holiday skiing in Morzine, France. This is my 3rd ski holiday. We went with a few friends who we met at London Gatwick.
To get to morzine we flew to Geneva with easyjet and then we drove to the resort. When we arrived at the chalet I was shocked how neat everywhere was. There was even a playroom that had an xbox 360!  I was a little upset that we couldn’t go skiing straight away.
After breakfast we got our ski gear and boots on. When we were ready we decided to go with one other family that had as much experience as us. We walked a short distance to pleney cable car. I was extremely excited when I saw all that snow, even though I saw some ice at the chalet.

When I put my skies on it felt weird for 2 minutes, then we started. First we skied down to a chairlift, we went up to the top of a blue run.  We decided to go down piste B which was a very long and tricky run in morzine.

Watching the world go by and learning to use our poles.

After, we went straight to our lesson and met our ESF ski instructor, his name was Adrianne.
During the week we had to practice parallel turns and then because we got so good he took us to nyon mountain where we did red and blue runs. We also did a few button lifts.  At the end of the ski week we all got our 1st star badge from ESF.

Most afternoons we went out with our mums and dads. On one of those days I went on a black run with my dad ??. It wasn’t scary at all and I felt ecstatic and really pleased with myself after it!

On the last day our skiing group (with mums and dads) went to the closest ski resort, avoriaz. We had to get an extra ski pass and went up the super morzine cable car. We went down a few red and blue runs and soon we were on the border to Switzerland! So we decided to go down, BUT….. When we got down there we had only got swiss ski passes for the adults!!! ??.   It was OK though because the kids just snuck back under the barriers!Our Ski group off to Switzerland :-)
 When we got to Avoriaz, the city, I was amazed by the scenery (because people skied through the streets and theirs no cars/roads). The horses were cars and the roads were snow.
After lunch we visited the igloo?. We made a slide and played while some of the adults went on more runs. This was a very long but fun day, you should definitely try it if you go to morzine!
When the ski holiday ended, everyone was upset. We said goodbye and went back to the Isle of Man!

Thanks for reading!  Ethan xx

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  1. Young Simon says:

    top reporting Ethan – keep up the good work!!

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