Diving in Gili Air with Ethan

I’ve decided to write this blog because I just loved diving so much and want to share my experiences with you. I hope you enjoy it.


The company I dived with.

On our first day at Gili Air we had a job to do, which was to find somewhere to dive. We dropped our bags at the homestay and went to search for our dream dive center. 

We went to a place called 3Wdive and as it turned out it was our first place we went to. One of the reasons we chose there was because diving in Gili Air has a price agreement of £60 which means you can’t go somewhere cheaper.

Another reason we chose there was because everyone was so nice, the boats looked cool and everyone knew what they were doing.(I liked it so much that I got to go on 2 dives YES!!!)

The equipment.

The gear I used when I dived was: BC (buoyancy control),regulator, weights, fins and a mask (I’m not sure if there is any other equipment for more experienced divers) and as it turns out the BC is extremely heavy. 


How it felt.

we geared up with my dive instructor “Daniel” and sat on the edge of the pool we had to inflate the BC so we wouldn’t sink like a stone.

When we were ready we squatted down and fell backwards into the water, almost instantly I put my head in the water to try and breath underwater because dad told me that lots of people freak out breathing underwater and I wanted to see if I liked it. 

It was amazingly cool and at first I didn’t want to take my regulator out even at the surface.


The skills.

Before we got in the pool Daniel told us we would be doing some skills in the water and he would demonstrate so we got in and went down together and kneeled on the pool bottom. 

First we had to clear our masks then we had to take our regulator out and clear them (it’s the same as clearing a snorkel). We did some other skills then got out of the pool and Daniel pulled out a sheet showing all the we could see and started to show us the hand signals (because you can’t say what you see 12 meters underwater.


The Reef.

The type of reef we would be swimming in is what Daniel called a sandy bottom reef and that our main point of reference would be a pinnacle where all the turtles hung out I couldn’t wait and then there was the rock which is just from the pinnacle and is where all the macro creatures lived.


Boat ride and getting in.

Daniel called us over and told us it was time to do some diving so we went and grabbed our stuff and walked onto the boat there were a few other groups with us but it wasn’t packed.  we set off towards our the reef we were going to Hans Reef. Once we were at the reef we started to gear up fins on first then weights (because if you fall in at least you have fins on and finally our mask and BC. We inflated it so we don’t sink.


Buddy check (BWRAF)

  • B buoyancy control ,see if it works,
  • W weights check that they are right hand release,
  • R releases make sure that you have all your straps are clipped in including your tank,
  • A air breath through your regulator and see if your gage goes down because if it does it might mean the vale isn’t fully open,
  • F final check see if you have your fins mask and a big smile on your face.)

We went to the side of the boat all geared up held our masks against our faces so it wouldn’t wash of. Daniel counted 3,2,1 and then we all went backwards into the wonderful world in the water.


Going down

The water was so clear I could see right down to the sandy bottom (Daniel did mention that we would enter over a shallow sandy bottom about 8 meters deep).  once we were in we went down to the seafloor and started to make are way across.

My first time diving

Off to the Pinnacle

We went across the bottom for a while seeing garden eels and triggerfish as we went I still couldn’t get over the fact that I was breathing underwater also I kept going up so they had to put an extra weight on we that they found on the bottom, haha.

The Pinnacle.

When we got there it looked like a fish king lived there were shoals of fish circling around the top of the Pinnacle and almost immediately dad spotted a Turtle resting against it so we stuck around there for a bit hanging out with it. 

Green sea Turtle

 We then went to the top of the Pinnacle were there was a baby Batfish in the cracks we continued on and went around it a few more times seeing a few more Turtles and other things on the way then went off in search of the Lionfish’s and the Mantis Shrimp’s then went of to find some smaller stuff at the rock.

Looking up!

The Rock.

Unlike most people, the things I want to see aren’t necessarily the big things like Sharks or Turtles (though I do love a Turtle). I like the smaller and more colorful creatures and that is why the Rock was my favorite point of the whole dive.

We saw a small group of divers once we got into the Rock area they were circled around something so we went to investigate. It turns out that they were huddled around a cuttlefish! we saw a lot of other small sea life and it was great, slowly our air started to empty so we made our way up got onto the boat and told stories of what we saw.


What we saw.

I went on two different dives so I saw different things on each dive.

 Dive 1: Triggerfish, Pufferfish, Batfish, Lionfish, Clownfish, Rockfish, Cuttlefish, Turtles and Mantis Shrimp.

Finding Nemo

Dive 2: Everything we saw on the first dive except Rockfish, plus Octopus and an eel (which I thought was a sea krait)!


Why should you do it?

For me, the reason I wanted to go diving was because I wanted to stay down longer and be there with it all.  Snorkelling is great fun, but it doesn’t give you the freedom that diving offers you.  

I loved diving!!

From what I’d heard most people freak out about being able to breathe underwater.  But I felt right at home with it. It was the best experience ever!

Thanks for reading

Ethan x


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