5 Top Reasons to go travelling with your kids

I’m sure there are lots of reasons why we have decided to take the children around the world, but these are my top 5:

1) To spend more time with the boys – I read recently that children spend 20% of their life in school and 40% of their time sleeping… that’s not a lot of time left!! We want to spend more time with them to find out who they are and help them grow into who they want to be.

At our proposed time of travelling they will be 10 and 8 years old. We’re hoping this will be a great age for them to start pushing their boundaries and experiencing new adventures.

2) Provide a different way of learning – as a sports coach I have been taught to respect that there are different ways of learning. Did you know there are 7 different ways in which we learn?

I’m not going to go into a deep and meaningful here, but by offering a different way of learning we hope that the boys can learn more from their hands-on experience.

3) Life is too short – too often recently we have seen lives taken too soon, or people who have worked hard all their lives only to be unable to enjoy their retirement. It’s a very morbid reason, I know, but we all need to seize the moment, you only get one life!

4) Working for retirement… WHY?? – it’s been built into us that we work to build a nest egg for the future and when we reach 65 we finish work (when we need to keep ourselves most agile and active) and do what?

I’m nearing 40 and this is the time I want to spend running around with my kids and having adventures!

5) You don’t know how lucky you are! – although we go on holiday on a regular basis we have not always seen and experienced the most countries have to offer. More often than not, we are there to have a rest from the everyday madness. It’s important to stop and take a breath and see what’s around you. We like to hear the boys say ‘We’re bored‘ as it offers them an opportunity.

So, by taking that little bit longer to see the world, see what’s around us and visit new places we hope the boys will gain respect for other cultures and understand how privileged they really are.

These are just a few reasons why we are doing this and I hope by sharing my thoughts it might make you think about your future planning. Who or what is stopping you??

Let me know how you get on…

Marie xx

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