Our Family

So a little about us…. We currently live in the Isle of Man (Manx born & bred) and are a family of 4 (myself -Marie, my husband – Keith and 2 amazing boys – Ethan & Jasper).

Keith and I have always loved travelling and seeing the world.  I left home and travelled for 15 months in 1999.  Keith was lucky enough to embark on 2 adventures, first time for 2 years in 1995.  Second time to meet up with me and travel together for another year.

And so we returned and life took over.  However, we have decided (with a little inspiration from friends) to share our passion with our children and open their eyes to the world and opportunities it has to offer.  For this we intend to take a world gap tour in 2018 and see what adventures we can make.

I would describe us as a bit more than a budget-traveller.  I’ve had the days of sleeping with cockroaches, plumbing our own toilet, navigating broken tiles to reach the toilet with feet intact, having a room with fan which barely moved a hair during 33 degree heat.

Yes, I hated all these things… but they are the memories I have and the stories I tell!  However, I’d like a little more comfort now I’ve reached the ripe age of 40 and to experience our adventures with children who can sleep and who aren’t suffering too much.

Therefore, this blog has been created as a means of sharing our passion for travel and show you what the world looks like through our eyes.  We will share, almost, everything we do with you!

You may have a different view on what travelling is and maybe we don’t do things the same as you, but this is just our interpretation.  There will be sections for tips/tricks/ideas as well as plenty of planning, stories, amazing photos and much, much more!

We hope you enjoy our journey…… and hope that it may inspire you too!

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