What kind of travellers are we?

What kind of travellers are we?

I think this is a very important question and one which isn’t addressed enough on the travel blogs I’ve seen.

So far we have been to over 40+ countries, whether independently, as a couple or with our boys.  The main reason for this is that we rarely go back to the same place twice… there’s so much more out there we haven’t seen!

My personal belief is there is a distinct difference between those countries we have ‘travelled’ to and those we visited for a holiday.

What do we do on holiday?

Whereas we are not the type to lie on a beach and order margaritas for 2 weeks, I do like some ‘down time’ when away.   Travelling can be mentally draining at times and so sitting on a beach with a good book for a day can be great to recharge the batteries.  Whereas Keith’s limit of ‘sitting’ is an hour.. tops!  He is far more adventurous than I… as you’ll find out.

Where do we stay on holiday?

We tend to enjoy accommodation with a personal touch, such a b&b’s, apartments or small family run places.  I would describe us as budget to mid-range travellers.

I follow a great website https://www.holidaypirates.com/ for holiday ideas or best deals around at the moment.  Although sometimes a package deal can be cheaper than ‘doing it yourself’, if you are just after a holiday in the sun.  My top tip is: if you want a cheap holiday – do your research and don’t just take the first deal offered!

How do you like to travel?

Travelling by train or car is an amazing way to see the country you are in and offers opportunities to get off the beaten track so our travel is more varied.  Overnight bus rides are going to be more difficult with children but if that’s the best way to travel then preparation will be key to getting through it.

What is the most important aspect of travelling?

Learning about the cultural differences is great to see & be involved with.  It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to see different cultures and meet new people but their values, traditions and general outlook will largely be different to our own.  We try to be respectful of this wherever we go and hope the children will learn to be understanding about this.

In taking the children with us on our gap year we hope that homeschooling while travelling will offer more learning and in a variety of ways.

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2 Responses

  1. Linda Green says:

    Hi Marie,

    I think this is fantastic and you and Keith are very brave. The home schooling part is something that always worries me so I’m looking forward to reading about how you find that part. I’m guessing you want to do this Pre high school or can you still home school a year 7/8 child?

    I’m really like looking forward to reading about your prep and adventures when they begin.

    Linda xx

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Linda! We have been considering it for a while and thought – what’s stopping us!? Boys will be going into Year 4 & 5 when we leave and so that little bit older to allow us to be more adventurous (I hope!). It means we can also plan it with them and save as much as we can.

    Yes, homeschooling was a concern but it’s so much easier nowadays, as everything is online. I work in a school now, so getting some insider tips on curriculum and looking at targets to help us keep focus on learning!

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