Isle of Man – My Top 10 Facts

It pays to have some ‘top facts’ about your homeland, because travelling is a tool for knowledge and people really want to know about new places.  I am from the Isle of Man, a beautiful island situated in the middle of the Irish Sea.  And these are my top 10 facts:

  1. We have our own currency.  Yes, it’s sterling and so 1:1 in the rest of the UK, but not accepted or recognised!
  2. Our nationality is Manx or sometimes referred to as British.  We are not English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh.  Most of us are very proud of our roots.
  3. Around 85,000 people live on the Isle of Man.  No, we don’t all know each other.
  4. Our national flag is the 3 legs of man with the saying ‘whithersoever you throw it, it will stand’

    3 Legs of Mann

  5. The island is 32 miles by 14 miles at the longest and widest points and no, you can’t get lost on it… well, not really!
  6. We have a few different bank holidays to the rest of the UK, like TT week! Great for cheaper family escapes.
  7. The only way off the island is by sea or air (can make for an interesting journey and landing!)
  8. We have the longest standing government in the world – Tynwald.
  9. We have the largest working waterwheel in the world.  The Lady Isabella (Laxey Wheel).
  10. Manxies are some of the nicest and friendliest people in the world… FACT!

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