This blog was created to inspire other families to take the plunge and explore our world before life takes over.   Just because you have children, that shouldn’t stop you.  Yes, you have a mortgage, you have jobs, you have bills.  But what if???

Of course, there are some things you need to adapt and more safety measures in place but, why not!?  Who’s stopping you?

This blog was started in April 2016 with the plan to keep a record of how our adventure was planned.  Our current aim is to leave in August 2018.  We plan to record  the issues we face, the decisions we make and why and make note of lessons we learn, to help us on our way.  We want to share this with you and, hopefully, show that you too can make this a reality.

Take back the dreams you had, and do something amazing for you… and for your family.

You only live once – enjoy each moment you have.

Which way!?