Visit Perth City centre with kids

Our visit to Perth was made all the better with having close friends to stay with. This changes the perspective you have on a city as you can see if from the eyes of someone living there. Plus having a house to stay at and a car to borrow has it’s advantages. But actually it also gave us chance to see how much Perth and Western Australia has to offer. We really enjoyed exploring Perth city centre with kids.

Family time in Perth

There are lots of places to go and things to do within the city centre. Not only that but there are great activities all along the coast both north and south of Perth.


Things to do

Kings Park

Without a doubt, this is my favourite part of Perth City Centre. It is a huge green space with amazing views over the city. It has a large number of park areas where you can lay out a picnic. The best of these, if you have kids, was May Drive Parkland. There is lots of space to run around a huge park for the kids to enjoy. Toilets and BBQ’s are available.

However, the best part for the kids was Rio Tinto play area. A free structured play park with netting and tunnels and brooks for the kids to both play and cool off in. They had a great time playing adventurers in here. If you’re quite you’ll spot the local quenda hopping around.

Rio Tinto park

How to get here: It’s easy from the CBD as there is a bus, no. 935, which travels from Georges Terrace and it’s Free as you are starting and ending your travel within the same zone. Alternatively you could walk it’s a steep walk up the hill but not too strenuous.


Elizabeth Quay

Beautiful views over the city and across the Swan River. This is quite a nice touristy area with areas to stop and relax. You can talk a nice stroll across Elizabeth Quay bridge to offer you those striking views of the high rise towers of Perth CBD.

I enjoyed catching up with an old school friend at the Island Brew House with its great choice of beers. And although it was expensive it was a nice little treat & does have a play area for kids.

There are several boat departure points from here which take you to Rottnest Island and also across the water to Mends St.

You could also hire a bike and start a ride from Elizabeth Quay which snakes along the riverside. Very picturesque.

But by far the boys favourite activity was the waterpark. They particularly enjoyed the mist feature!


Yagan Square

If you time your visit right, you may find an event or two on in this area. We arrived in Summer holidays and the place was buzzing with people and lots of activities. The area itself is still in development and expanding but it has a cosmopolitan feel to it. The best bit for the boys was the little park and splash area on the roof. It was never really busy but on a hot day it was nice to cool off in.

There is a food court and a few pubs/cafes within the complex, but overall it was just a nice place to chill out for a bit. Keep an eye on the events to see what coming up.


Perth Mint Museum

When you visit this museum you need to join onto one of the tours which run every hour from 9.30am. It’s not really offered that you can walk around on your own as the tour will show you how the gold is made.

We were first provided with an insight into the history of the gold found in Australia. Then we watched a video and saw the Guinness book of records one tonne gold coin. After this we were seated to watch the gold being melted, poured and set into a gold bar (with our own security guard on stand by!).

Melting gold

After this you were free to roam the small museum and touch a gold bar yourself and even weigh yourself to see how much you’re worth in gold!

It was very informative, but the museum is only small and will only take around an hour. The cost was A$48.00 but if you grab some of the Perth information booklets some have discounts (kids go places was one) and even a free gift of a coin!

How to get to Perth Mint Museum

You can either walk or catch a Red CAT bus and get off at stop R06.


Perth City Library and Cathedral square

We briefly visited this library during Easter and only went as there was an Easter Egg hunt on. It was great as it gave us a glance around some of the focal points within this area that we may have missed otherwise.

Easter at cathedral square

However, the Perth Library itself was huge and there was a great kids library section and comfortable seating area on the 4th floor. If you find yourself looking for an indoor activity then this would be a great option if you are in the city! As it was, we were in a rush to find eggs!!

We had a great time exploring Perth. It was such a great city to explore and very easy to get around. There are always activities taking place so check their what’s on websites.

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