Australia: Jasper’s favourite places

We had a great time in Australia, these were my favourite bits:

Perth – Fremantle & Rio tinto park

We spent quite a long time in Perth, and I loooooved it!

My favourite part was spending time with Maisie and Jaime but as well as that we enjoyed going to Fremantle.

One day while we were in Perth,we saw a Street Art Festival. It was great, they did a lot of dancing. We watched the Space Cowboy do another world record (but it didn’t count because there was no official there).


We went to Rio Tinto Park (in kings park) twice while we were there. It is a bushland area with a little lake that you could play in. There were lots and lots of little areas that you could play on and in – I especially like the Python.

Rio Tinto park

Margaret River: stingrays, Canal Rocks & Busselton

We drove down to Margaret river for a couple of days. While we were there we went Stingray hunting and we found 3 stingrays at Hamelin Bay beach. There was a lady feeding them and she got knocked over when a stingray came her and stumbled. She had to be careful because stingrays have very dangerous tails but they don’t usually use them, except if they feel threatened.

Later that day we visited Busselton Jetty for sunset which had a really fun play park. The next day we walked along the Jetty, which was around 2kms long. There was a train and I kept crossing over the line.

On the way home, we decided to stop at Canal Rocks – it was great fun because we were climbing and we saw a tiny pool. When the tide came in it flowed over a ridge and the fish could escape to the sea.


Canberra: Science Museum & Tidbinbilla

The Science museum was ace – everybody loved it. There was a lady who showed us some tricks and she gave us 2 tricks to try and complete. There was so much to do there and we visited an illusion show.

While in Canberra we also visited the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. We were told we could find lots of native Australian animals there.

We went on several walks while we were there, we saw Koalas, potoroo, Platypus, Grey Kangaroo and a musk duck (its known for its sad habit of killing ducklings by pulling them underwater and drowning them!)

We also saw a rare brush tailed wallaby. But we cheated because it was in medical care, having a check to see if it was o.k. to go into breeding.

Sydney: Ferry across sydney Harbour & water Park at Darling Harbour

I definitely like Sydney, we really enjoyed the Manly to Sydney Harbour Ferry. You could see the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge from the water.

We also did a few walks in Sydney, there was the Manly to spit walk and I touched a bob tailed lizard and saw lots of water dragons.

It was really hot  in Sydney the first time we arrived and so we went to Darling Harbour and found a waterpark to cool down in.

Another great place to cool down in Bondi Beach. It was great, we surfed on the waves – but it was very busy there.

One night we had a huge thunderstorm in Sydney and we had a power cut. It was crazy, there was huge hailstones.


South West Rocks: feeding kangaroos, pirate ships & beaches

We drove our campervan, Budgie along Australia’s east coast. We stopped at South West Rocks – one of my favourite places. The campsite had Kangaroos in the park – we took carrots and fed them.

The park also had a pirate ship water park, which was good fun. There was also a huge jumping pillow as well as Mini golf!

Plus the beaches nearby were lovely!

Airlie beach – Rainbow lorikeets, sailing & snorkelling on the whitsundays

This was another great campsite because at 4pm each day a man came round with a bucket of bird food. We took a handful and the Lorikeets started coming to us. They landed on our arms and started eating the food from our hands. Their claws are soooooo sharp! Luckily we had hats on so it didn’t hurt when they landed on our heads.

We boarded the Derwent Hunter sailing boat one morning to sail on the Whitsundays. There was another family with 3 boys on the boat, so we had great fun with them. We sailed to Hook Island, which is where we were going snorkelling.

We had to wear stinger suits just in case there were any jellyfish. We also had flippers and snorkel masks. The snorkelling was astonishing and there were a lot of fish and clams. The water was warm but very clear.


Port Douglas: Snorkelling on the Great Barrier reef & toad racing.

Our last stop on the East Coast was Port Douglas. We went for another amazing snorkelling trip. But this time we went on the Outer reef. When we got out there we saw so many things. We saw Barracuda’s, Bat fish, clown fish, parrot fish and we even swam with a Turtle!

That’s me!!

One night in Port Douglas we decided to go and see the famous Toad Racing. It was sooo funny! There was a bucket of toads. We were all given a number at the start and if your number was called you got given a toad to race. You had then use a party blower to encourage the toads to move to the edge, where you pick them up and put them in the bucket.

One of them didn’t move for the entire time! It was quite funny and here’s a picture of me with him.

As well as travelling we loved staying with our friends in Australia and spending time at their houses. We stayed with Anna, Amy & Ellie in Sydney, Sam & Izzy in Newcastle, Cooper & Addy in Brisbane and Jaime and Maisie in Perth!!

Oh! I also loved taronga zoo, but I’ve already written about that so you can read our blog post here!

Australia was amazing – you have to go there!

Jasper 😊

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