Fun things to do with kids in Majorca

Fun things to do with kids in Majorca

Majorca is all about the beautiful crystal clear waters surrounding the island.  However, as much as we enjoy spending time at the beach we usually only limit ourselves to a morning or afternoon and even then after a few days we need to get active.  So here are a few things we recommend while on holiday in Majorca:


A small and compact Marine zoo, offering a chance to see a small range of animals and shows including parrot, dolphin and sealions.  There is also a reptile section along with an aviary and aquarium.

We spent around 3 hours here, it’s definitely not a full day out, as the site wasn’t too big.  Note: if you are driving then parking can be difficult as the car park is quite small and very busy so try to arrive early.  For more information about prices, opening times and the animals you can meet then click here: Marineland

Western Water Park

You have a choice of 3 waterparks on the island but after reading reviews it sounded like Western was the best value and offered more for younger children and as we were only going to 1 this is the one we picked!

There were plenty of rides, a large water play area, a lazy river and a wave machine which kept the kids entertained all day.  There was however additional costs wherever you turned.

Cost for the locker, cost for the rubber rings (which meant you could jump long queues) and costs for the loungers (although there was plenty of grass areas for laying out towels to relax on).

We took a picnic with us and enjoyed an ice-cream from the onsite café.  Overall it was a fun packed day out and the kids loved it!

Caves of Drach

a great way to escape the heat as you enter this underground world.  The caves are cool but not cold so you don’t need to wrap up.  The steps navigating through the caves were quite steep and sometimes slippy in places, however, for the most part it was manageable.  There was plenty of light to lead the way as you moved as a group further down.

Soon you arrived at an underground lake… beautiful music began to resonate and boats appeared in the distance.  It was quite a good show, after which we were ushered to board the boats.  It was like something out of the goonies!  Although the kids enjoyed it, there was an element of repetitiveness looking at rock formations.  It’s definitely worth a look.

Starfish tours

Frequently a boat would appear in the bay and stop to pick up or drop off passengers.  This was a glass bottom boat which travelled up and down the east coast and although we contemplated it we never quite got round to booking to go.  It did always seem busy though.

For more information about tours, prices and times – follow this link: Starfish boat tours


Within the Cala Gran beach, where we were based, there were plenty of pedalos with slides which you could hire.  This is common for most beaches and adds an adventurous element to your beach day.

When we hired our pedalo we ventured out of the bay with the aim of reaching another beach.  However after about half an hour the legs did start to tire so don’t head out too far as it’s harder work than you think!  Also if you are in Cala D’Or area, be aware of the starfish boat tours coming in and out of the bay!


As well as the usual tourist attractions it’s nice to have a change of scenery by visiting one of the other many beaches around the island.  We visited Alcudia for a day with it’s long stretched-out beaches.  I was surprised that wherever you turned it looked busy even for such a large beach.

There were a tethered inflatable assault course set further out to sea.  It looked like great fun, I’ve read reviews which suggest it’s hard work so probably not suitable for young children.

If you plan to stay in Majorca for longer or fancy something else to do, here are a few more ideas which we didn’t get round to:

Tram from Soller to Port de Soller

This is a lovely, but rather expensive, old tram trip.  The general feedback is that it’s worthwhile to do once as it’s a scenic trip past the sea and up through some beautiful citrus groves.  I believe the tickets are around €7 for the 15 minute journey and most people recommend you only get a one-way ticket.

Much as the town sounds quaint, as we come from an island with both electric and horse trams this didn’t have as much appeal to us.

Kathmandu theme park

If you are based around the Magaluf/Palma Nova areas then this sounds good fun for all the family, although there are limited adult rides.  There are 11 different attractions where all family can enjoy a day full of fun, including mini golf and an amazing upside-down house!!  Quite a lot for €20.

Palma Nova Aquarium

If you find yourself with time before heading to the airport, a cloudy day or just want to escape the sun then check Majorca’s huge aquarium.  There are a total of 11 sections from rainforests to a huge shark tank which offers glass bottom boat rides!

Along with the large variety of fish there are also 2 play areas for your children.  I am led to believe the café/restaurant is a little pricey so a packed lunch is advisable if you plan to spend lunchtime there.

There are plenty of fun family activities to keep you and your little ones entertained on your holiday to Majorca.  If you don’t get chance to do it all on the first time, save some for round 2!

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