Portugal – Carvoeiro family holiday

The area of Carvoeiro is quaint but hilly.  The town in situated at the bottom of the hill and the main square (music in summer months) with surrounding restaurants is quite small.  From there you can find steep hills up to more restaurants, shops & accommodation.  Although the village itself was quite small there were enough restaurants and shops in the area.

We rented a Villa which was situated around a 10 minute walk up a hill so with the kids being a little younger we were grateful of the pram, which we piled both kids into most of the time.

The beach was small and contained but the beach had quite a few rolling waves which made it difficult for the kids to go in.  We had opted to hire a care which made life easier for exploring the surrounding areas and reaching the large supermarket which was on the outskirts of town.

Couple of places we visited:

Gale Beach.  This beach definitely stood out as a family favourite due to the flat nature of the beach which meant the waves were gentle.  The beach is long & very popular with locals.  At one end there were rocks which created great entertainment for the kids for climbing on and running through the caves.   The beach was sandy and crystal clear.  The boys just loved it and I love free entertainment!!  Check out their faces in these pictures!



Praia da Marinha.  Listed as one of the top attractions in the area on Trip advisor & had fabulous comments.  But I think I must have missed something.  I’m guessing it’s because we didn’t venture further than the beach.  By the time we had walked down all the steps the kids just wanted to play.  The beach itself was sandy, expect when you got in the sea where there was seaweed and rocks.  But the most memorable aspect was the steps…. oh so many steps and not really worth the effort in my view.  The beach had a bar with limited options.


ZooMarine.  Cracking place.  We were genuinely sruprised at the amount to do.  First you visit the animals & watch the shows, then either cool off in the pools/slides & finally jump on some of the rides on offer.  All in one place!  Don’t forget the swimming trunks.

Lesson Learnt:  Always get the kids to wear sandals when climbing rocks!  Ethan fell foul of the very sharp mussels imbedded into the rocks and sliced his big toe open – YUK!  However, the onsite medical services were great and cleaned up the wound!

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