Family day out to Krka national park

We’d spent a number of days on the hot and humid Croatian coast so were ready for something different. Having re-looked at our route we came across Krka national park. It was only a short distance from our planned destination and looked stunning.  The images of stunning backdrops with emerald green rivers and fast flowing waterfalls. We were sold!

Accommodation near Krka national park

We located a campsite in close vicinity to Lozovac, the main entrance to Krka national park.  The campsite was OK and their swimming pool was about a 3 metre long plunge pool. But it did the trick for those hot and humid days!  The bonus was that the entrance was close enough for us to cycle.


Krka national park overview

The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and situated on the Krka River, hence it’s name.  It was reported to be the lesser known national park, than Plitvice, but you’d never know with the vast number of people and tour buses we saw!  We are not even in summer season yet!

There are a few entrances, but the most popular (and closest to our campsite) was Lozovac.  There is also the Skradinski entrance, where you can board a free boat to the waterfalls – including in your ticket price.  

There is another nature trail called, Roski Slap, but you need to allow at least 4 hours for this circuit (and pay around the same fee again for the boat journey).   We decided the educational trip would be enough for the boys and our wallets.

Aside from the heavy traffic, I have to say the area has been very subtly created to ensure you are able to access this natural wonder and also get the best views!  The park guides suggests you allow at least 2 hours for the 2.6km ‘educational walk’ called Skradinski buk.

Whilst we walked around we watched the electric blue damselflies flitting across the water.  Frogs ballooning as they croaked on the water’s edge. An orchestra of birds singing us their ‘hip-hop’ tune as we walked along the wooden walkways.  It was just a truly magical place and at times you forgot the hustling that was going on around you.

The backdrop was changing all the time from serene rivers with fish swimming gently against the calm currents to white waters roaring through the forest.  The place was very much alive and although we were jostling for space (with hundreds of tour groups) to capture these moments it didn’t deter from the parks natural beauty.

The highlight for us and for many who visited was the cascading waterfalls at the end of the walk.  It was a series of shelves flowing into several different waterfalls, creating the most spectacular view.  Even better was the opportunity to go swimming in the waterfalls, although suitable footwear was required as there were no easy routes in and was rough underfoot.  

Good job we brought our swimming gear… oh wait! no, we forgot!!!  So in the boys went in their undies and absolutely loved it! You can’t get up next to the waterfalls as it’s cordoned off and there is a lifeguard whistling to those who try but there is a mini waterfall to the left which the boys clambered into!

What to take

  • Swimming gear – don’t forget them… like we did!  along we towels (luckily we remembered these!)
  • Lots of water – It gets very hot and although the walk isn’t too long there is a very steep section at the end. 
  • Hats, glasses and suntan lotion – again, the warm Croatian days can be fierce!
  • Comfortable shoes/sandals – most of the route is a boardwalk. However there are 1 or 2 step sections or uneven surfaces. Especially, where you want to get a good shot.
  • Packed lunch – if you are on a budget it’s always a great cost saving to take your own lunch. However, if you can’t be bothered there is a restaurant and outlets next to the main waterfalls/swimming area.  
  • Blanket or sarong – something to sit down and each your lunch. If it’s been raining be warned that the area looks like it could get very muddy! We had a bright sunny day though and had no problems finding a spot on the grass.
  • Camera – without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful areas we have seen. The network of rivers and array of waterfalls is amazing. There is a plethora of wildlife to see so keep your eyes peeled & get snapping.

While we were there Keith decided to test out our water filter system.  What better place to try.  We set up our experiment, drawing a little attention to ourselves, as people wondered what on earth we were doing.

In fact, at times, I wondered what we were doing! ha ha.  But the end result was a lovely cool bottle of water!

Travelling to Krka National park

For us, it was an easy 20 minute cycle to the entrance of the park. If driving the car park is free and there are lots of staff to help guide you.  There is another entrance at Skradinski.

Based around the outside of the car park area a number of snack bars & cafes as well as a small mini market.


Tickets for Krka national park

We purchased our family ticket (@ 2018) for Krka national park:

  • Adults 110 Kuna
  • Children 80 Kuna
  • Under 7 years FREE

This includes an optional bus ride to the beginning of the walk. I was surprised this was optional!  The walk is all downhill, around 1km, but it’s a steep descent.  We are quite active and don’t mind walking but this seemed an unnecessary add on and it was too hot! So why walk when the bus is free – meh!?  If you have kids, this is definitely the better option.

Once you have weaved your way down by bus, or walked! You will arrive at the ‘bus station’. There are toilets here and a water mill. But if you want to get walking just got the board walks. Its all easily signposted.

Krka national park toilets

There are toilets are the car park, but I believe it is expensive…. 5 Kuna fee?! (2018: 8 kuna = £1

If you hold on, there are some by the old water mill and free at the start of the walk, which is a 10 minute regular bus ride away! Although there is only 1 set of toilets (with quite a queue when I was there late afternoon!)

The end of the walk is at the cascade of waterfalls. To get to the toilets you have to walk up a very steep set of steps (if you are from the IOM think gasworks steps x 5!)


Just amazing!

Yes, it was busy and I even heard myself saying ‘if only there weren’t so many people’ to which Keith laughed and said ‘but we’re those people’ – oh yeah! ha ha.. I think I was spoilt by Lake Bohinj’s tranquility!

If you are in the area, definitely go and visit.  But be prepared for jostling and try to ignore it and instead take in the beauty around you!

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