Domein de Gavers Campsite, Belgium

This campsite is situated in the beautiful Belgian countryside and lies between the scenic slopes of the Flemish Ardennes and the Dender Valley. 

I chose this campsite for some much needed chill out where we wouldn’t be on the move too much and have chance to catch our breath.

It is a large, well established campsite with lots of locals.  The main focal point was the recreational lake with a range of sports facilities.  It was the kind of place that made you want to get up and move.  There were so many people out running!  In addition there was a good beach area with a great water engineering area at the back, along with a small park.  

The onsite restaurant was very popular and had a large playground which was popular with locals, especially on a hot Sunday afternoon!  

We also visited the indoor swimming pool, with whirl pool, outdoor pool and slide, a couple of times and it was great to have an indoor facility when the weather changed.  

But rather than sit back and relax I felt compelled to pull on my trainers and join the countless runners shuffling, jogging and sprinting their way around the lake.  It was an absolute killer but I’m glad I did it (twice!).


We also took the boys for a mere 26km cycle along the canal area but came to a grinding halt (due to canal works) in Geraardsbergen (which actually had a hill.. we’re not in Amsterdam anymore!).  So whilst in Belgium we felt it would be rude not to sit and taste the local delicacies.   

Sat in the main square with somewhat unusual bell ringing from the nearby church, we sipped our delicious Belgian Beers and watched the locals buzz around the morning’s market.  There’s nothing more satisfying than actually feeling like a fly on the wall and watching the world go by.  However, impatient and hungry children meant it was a fleeting stop and with a quick market purchase we were soon on our way back to the campsite with a promise of a boat trip followed by the swimming pool after.  

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