My favourite parts of Vietnam by Jasper

We visited Vietnam for 4 weeks around June/July time. When we got there we soon found out it was too hot and very humid (a bit like China!).  Eurgh!!!  We were sweating alot!!

While we were there we learnt a few things:

The Vietnamese like noodles, their favourite was Pho Bo, which is beef soup noodles. 

  • Thank you in Vietnamese is ‘cam on’.
  • There was a huge war with America, which lasted 20 years! 
  • There were lots of limestone karsts in northern Thailand
  • Vietnam has the largest cave in the world, called son dong.


Places we visited

These are my favourite places that we visited in Vietnam:

Halong bay

Halong bay is remarkable with all the big rocks,the beautiful waterways & the turquoise green sea.  

We were staying on a boat for 3 days! While we were there we went kayaking. The best part was when we kayaked through a cave. 

We did lots of activities including having a wonderful BBQ lunch at a private beach, we made some delicious Vietnamese spring rolls and also had a go at squid fishing (sadly we didn’t get any).

We also had great fun jumping off the tender into the sea! 


Tam coc

We rented scooters so that we could go exploring.

One day we went to Thung Nham bird park and visited the mermaid cave.

It was really funny because my mum and dad couldn’t stand up straight, only once or twice every 10 metres. So they had to duck down to get through. Me and Ethan didn’t have any problems!

We also visited Trang An, where we had to take a boat ride. These were rowed by locals but there were paddles so that we could row too. 

We went through the caves, where we found a temple  we went round the temple and then back into our boat (which was hard to find as it was so busy!). 

Then we went through 2 other caves and found another temple.  We got into our boat again, went through one more cave and reached Kong skull island film set. 

Nha trang

As it’s was birthday we decided to visit Nha Trang where we could enjoy playing on the beach and also I asked Mum & Dad if I could go snorkelling on my birthday!  

While we were there we also went to an Aquarium, actually it was an Oceanographic Museum.  Inside we saw turtles, sharks, pufferfish, trigger fish and lots of clownfish.

We also saw a sea urchin and we thought the bit in the middle (see picture below) was it’s eyeball.  But in fact it was its butt (ha ha!).

It was a great place and I really enjoyed swimming in the sea and snorkelling.

When we went snorkelling we saw Lionfish, moray eel, clownfish, pufferfish, nudibranch and lots of other species of fish! 

The water was cool but very clear.

You’d really like Vietnam – go visit!

Jasper 😊

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