Malaysia: visiting Kuala Lumpur with kids

Finally we’d arrived for a visit in Kuala Lumpur rather than using it as a travel hub. We’ve even booked to stop for 7 nights! It won’t be all leisure we’ve got lots of planning to do and need to organise visas for Indonesia.

While we’re here we plan to visit the main sights including the Batu caves, Petronas towers, KLCC park and Jalan Alor area. But the highlight for the boys was a visit to Kidzania for jaspers birthday present!

This will also be out first Air BnB stay during our 15 months of travels! And actually it was quite good. It was definitely nice to have some space, but up until now we haven’t found that Air BnB provides cheap accommodation!

Everyone in Malaysia speaks good English so it makes a pretty easy place to get around.


Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur

After much research I was hitting a brick wall to find budget accommodation. I put in a request for help in the our tribe travels forum and got a fantastic response. In fact everyone was recommending to go for Air BnB. I’d always discounted it as too expensive, based on previous research, but a close friend was convinced I should look at Regalia residence.

I’m so glad we did as we managed to get a great deal on a 1 bed apartment with 2 double beds and basic facilities. But it had 2 pools. It was perfectly situated next to the huge and well equipped Sunway putra mall and putra station.

Plus the whole place was filled with travellers, who were constantly coming and going. The only negative was that the roof top swimming pool wouldn’t allow children under 12 so we stuck with the swimming pool on level 5, which was actually fine!

Thanks to our lovely friend Belinda for the recommendation!! ❤️


Places to eat in Kuala Lumpur

As we had the apartment we didn’t really tend to eat out and were able to concoct a few rice and pasta dishes! It was basic but nice to eat in for a change!!

On the occasions we did go out we stopped at a bistro near the Sunway putra mall called Ariff Maju Bistro. 

It was good food for a cheap price and they did there must amazing cheese naans with Dal – yummy!!

Another cheap find was when we were out in jalan Alor area. We stumbled on a great restaurant (with lots of backpackers and locals) serving tasty and cheap food. It was called TJs. They served masala dosa so Ethan and daddy were happy!


Things do in Kuala Lumpur with kids

While here we had quite a few jobs to do but the times we were able to head out and explore we went to:

Batu caves

Don’t get a tour! I’ve seen them advertised but you can just get the train to the Batu caves station. It’s super easy and you just get off and walk to the caves.

You don’t need long here as it’s not a very big site.

The steps leading up to the cave are very colourful from afar, but when you get closer you realise they are peeling quite badly!

The climb wasn’t too difficult and there’s lots of space.

As you arrive at the top of the stairs you enter the cave. Inside are temples and monkeys! Don’t worry about the monkeys. As long as you don’t pester them or have food on you, they tend to leave you alone.  We were once advised never to look them in the eye. Never had an issue so far!

KLCC park & Petronas tower

Within this huge green space, is a lovely (and free) water splash park. It is only for children, adults are not permitted to play in there. But if there is rain or chance of a thunderstorm you will be ushered out of the area.

There’s also a huge play park so the kids can go wild.

We spent an afternoon here one day when wet met the lovely Evie and Em from @mumpacktravel. We literally didn’t stop talking from the minute we met, and as the kids were happily playing in the water we could relax! This is one of the reasons we love meeting up with like minded families!

We didn’t go into the Petronas towers itself as they were so impressive from outside.

After our play we went to the mall and whilst we sat and enjoyed a drink with Evie, the kids went to the cinema to watch lion king. I think everyone had a very enjoyable time that day! After this we watched the fountain show from chili’s restaurant! Such a lovely afternoon/evening!


Petaling street

Our biggest exploring day involved our visit to Batu caves and after we caught the train back into the city centre. We decided to visit Petaling street, but it was just before lunch so things were only just opening.

I can see it might get very busy around this area late at night. But it felt like it was definitely geared towards tourists.

Canopy walk

After this we had lunch in a roti restaurant and then went in search of the canopy walk. It wasn’t too far away and used Google maps to guide our way.

The walkway was free and was actually very good. You forgot you were in a city until you saw the sky scrapers towering above the trees!

The walkway was in good condition and only a few other people around. We walked across 5 or 6 bridges and it led us out to the base of the upside down for and Menara tower.

The boys were getting tired at this point so we decided to head back, which would take an hour.


Free city bus

That was until we spotted a bus stop which mentioned a free bus route. We looked into it further and realised it would take us close to our accommodation. It was the blue line and literally one turned up while we were researching so we hopped on.

If you are staying at regalia residence then take the blue line from the city and get off at putra. It was only a 10 minute walk from there! Easy and the boys were glad as they had tired legs.



Oh my word! What a place. It would have been nice to have a better understanding & a map so we could enjoy this place better. For the first hour we were walking around a little confused!

This is a play and learning area for kids. They are allowed to enjoy lots of ‘jobs’ ranging from 15 minutes to 35 minutes.  Some jobs/activities you earn money. Some you have to pay for. When you first enter you are given 50 kiddos (kidzania money). It’s up to the kids to manage it. But the parents help out.

I know we don’t know a lot but one thing we did know was that there were 4 ‘top’ play items: airline pilot, McDonald’s chef, fireman & policeman.

These top items require you to book in for a specific time. The times are given out for 1 ½ hours at a time. If you miss the first slots, you have to queue for the next block – bit confusing!

My biggest issue was that we didn’t know what each ‘job’ entailed or whether it would be suitable for the boys. We just had to suck it and see. Ah well…

These are the things the boys did:

  • Airline pilot – loved it
  • Policeman – hated it 😂 ( they were carrying a cone!)
  • CSI investigator – enjoyed it
  • McDonald’s – funny and they got food – what’s not to like!
  • Magic workshop – great fun & still doing the magic tricks on us now!
  • Magic show performance – in total this took 45 mins with a practice session and then performance on stage. They both enjoyed this!
  • Climbing wall – enjoyed racing each other. But wasn’t overly difficult.
  • Opening a bank account – waste of time and big queues. Just have a wallet to keep the notes safe!

They would have liked to try a few other things like secret agent, driver & fireman (Jasper).

The hardest part was juggling time. You needed to turn up 10 minutes before your slot and sometimes had to queue or wait until the job was available. Plus not having a map and anything which showed times meant we couldn’t always work out where to go next!

While the boys loved it… Keith and I were tearing our hair out trying to keep up with them! But thankfully we found a parent only quiet room and enjoyed a quiet coffee for half an hour!!

We were there from 10am until 2.30pm and the boys could have gone on longer.  For more information go here.

One real negative is that you can’t bring your own food or drinks in. Therefore, as you are obviously going to be there all day it meant you had to pay the extortionate prices for a bit of food. Make sure you have a decent breakfast before you go!!

Jalan Alor street art

We headed out one day in search of the colourful streets around Kuala Lumpur. This area is called Jalan Alor and the street art is hidden down the side streets. It looks more impressive on photos. But it’s nice to see that they are trying to add colour to brighten the dark streets!

It was certainly worth it for a place to visit and for an explore. Just don’t forget to visit TJs for a cheap bite to eat while you’re there!



What a great city to get around. We used grab everywhere as more often than not it was just as cheap as getting the trains! Buy there’s lots of places you can visit in Kuala Lumpur.

But with so much planning and after a couple of months constantly on the move it was nice to stop for a few days.

I We liked that Kuala Lumpur is a cheap city. We found a great little roti bistro near our apartment serving really cheap food. Plus getting around easy also cheap with a number of free activities to keep the kids entertained.

For the shopping lovers amongst you, this is the perfect place to re-stock your wardrobe too. So many malls and markets to explore!

It’s a must stop place if you are in Malaysia!

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