Jaspers adventure in Borneo

We arrived in Borneo and are staying in Kota Kinabalu. The first afternoon we went out for a walk and saw lots of wildlife.  

First, we saw a crane flying up above me. The next animal I saw was a lizard. It was a bearded dragon and was GINORMOUS! The final animal was a monitor lizard, it was swimming in the sea.  It was super cool. I can’t believe we saw all these in one afternoon.

The next day we went on a boat; it was really bouncy and I thought I was going to fall off my seat!  We were going to Sapi Island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park.

When we got there I ran towards the beaches.  I got all my swimming gear on and my snorkel. Dad found a reef. In the reef there was a clown fish home which we got really close to.  We also saw some parrot fish which were eating the rocks.

One night we went to the waterfront for the sunset.  We went to a bar as it was raining and me and Ethan had 1 sprite each, Mum and Dad had 3 beers.  

After that we went out to the Phillippine Markets, otherwise known as the Night Markets.

We bought lots of food there which we really liked, except the Durian Fruit – it was disgusting.  We gave the rest of it to some local kids on the street, they were really happy!


After a few days in KK, we took a long 7 hour bus to Sepilok and went to the Orangutan Sanctuary.  We even saw an orangutan on the boardwalk.

Then we had lunch and afterwards we saw a whole family!  They were eating bananas. After that we went to the Sun Bears and saw them being fed too! The Sun Bears are native to Borneo so was nice to see some.

Kinabatangan River

We were staying in a small village near the Kinabatangan River and had lots of things organised.  We went on lots of boat cruises.

While on the boat cruise we saw a rare silver leaf monkey, probiscis monkeys, macque monkeys and crocodiles!  

At the homestay we played ball, made craft and danced with the children.  

We also went to the rainforest and found an orangutan nest and we also got a bit lost…. quite a bit!  

While there we also planted some trees. I really liked it there.


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