Chobe Boat Cruise by Jasper

We stayed for 2 nights at the Old House in Kasane, Botswana.

We were near the Chobe River.  That afternoon we went on a boat cruise.  First we had to register at the entrance with all the other boats.

Once we got on the river, we saw Crocodiles!  We watched 3 slither into the water.  Some were small but some were massive!  One of them was eating a very young Buffalo – yuk!

Can you spot the baby crocodile??

We saw tonnes of hippos just having a play in the water.  They kept popping up and then going down again.  The guide said this was them playing.

The elephants looked like they were on a floating island.  They were eating grass by thrashing it around to clean it first.  They were also swimming and we saw one with just it’s trunk up as a snorkel.

There was once an argument between Namibia and Botswana over the island that the elephants were on.  So the courts decided that the border should be in the deepest channel.  This was the Namibia side so Botswana now owns the island.

We also saw monkeys on the beach with safari jeeps.  The monkeys were clinging onto their mummies tummies.

The boat we were on was super fast.  It was good fun and we headed home at sunset.


From Jasper x

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  1. Grandma says:

    Baby crocodile hard to spot as it is in the stones and well camouflaged xx

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